Path of Exile: Synthesis Patch Notes

TentacleCake wrote:
let us lower textures below medium and disable shadows on dx11

I 100% agree! The only reason I play on dx9 or dx9 ex is because I can disable the shadows. It helps out the game's performance SO much!

Honestly, I was hyped for this league, but if shadows aren't going to be able to be disabled, I think performance on my game is going to drop drastically ...
Walltrigger wrote:
Sad poets pen builds are gone. shame people pray for nerfs in a single player game.

shame people who have no idea about this game and how it works, but crying that they was nerfed to the ground and totally deleted.
Try to read.
Try to use brain.
Yes its hard in 2019, but you shoud try it.
0.25s cd on PP, old version must have close to 0.25 AS but never faster. So you need a bit more investment and changes to tree to make it as good as befor, cose you need 0.13 AS on ur attack skill. Thats it. Just a bit more balanced in terms of invesment and no more absolutely imbalanced as leveling gear.

There is one pretty hard nerf - arc. Everything else is just a blank wall of text that almost does not make sense. Cosmetics ligue.

No disabled shadows anymore... RIP , many ppl will drop game if they dont bring this to dx11. Hello GGG ur game lags as hell, give ppl a chance to play it.
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Rip, no Siege Ballista changes, I thought they were doing a balance pass through every skill but I guess not.
I'm impressed nothing changed with Mark of the Red Covenant.
"Let those with infinite free time pave the road with their corpses." - reboticon
Is this for real?

Now also grants 50% reduced Maximum Recovery per Life Leech.

Or should it read increased?
Still waiting for the day when we can invite Lily Roth to hideout.
EratheiL wrote:

Skills that overperforming for top players and not the player base.And they buffed what?Scarabs being cut in half or even more? I know your are a die hard fan but let it go with the the hard defense.

The nerfs don't break anything for the average player though. They didn't nerf any skill into the ground, just brought them more in line with each other. The average "98%" doesn't use scarabs effectively. These nerfs hurt the 2% not the average player. Since when did the average player care about gilded sulphite scarabs or pure breachstones?

I have to disagree.

The base damage nerf, some of them nerf as much as 25% DESTROYS the none top players. For top players who min-max, the effect of the nerf is minimized because they got all those base damage from elsewhere to scale back the overnerfed base damage. Simple as that.

Not only that, in 3.5 you can pretty much self craft a high tier weapon with only 3~7 ex that are as strong as people who spent 100 ex to ex slam / suffix prefix lock before 3.5. (Basically you only need to alt spam 1~2 good mods, regal and anul it and success once to get your good base and multicraft from there ) Now they gutted crafting hard, removing most of the useful options, as well as moving many crucial options to elder/shaper base , destroying the option of cheaper self craft alternative on normal players.
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Pobatti wrote:
nickwch wrote:
1. You do whatever you like for the challenge leagues, but dont touch the standard league 3 - 4 times in a year. Standard league is for casual players like myself to kill that few hours after work whenever we do not have other plan for our partner/family members/friends.

I'm inclined to agree here, and if that was extended to also include the Atlas it would be even better.

I also believe it's what GGG probably would choose to do if they were able to mitigate the various problems that would cause, and if they were feasibly able to do it. Standard doesn't need to have exact feature-parity with challenge leagues because the two modes don't interact until the post-league merge.

The problem is not about technicality challenges to achieve this, it is rather about they are completely lost touch to their player base and understand what are their main concern, another Blizzard in the making.
All the strategy is evolving around "more hype, get more Youtuber to lure more new players, let's nerf and buff whatever and whenever we like so that our investor would think we are making progress since the new players wouldnt notice or understand anyway". Existing loyalty players? Heck care, there will always be some complain and whining in every new release coming from this group of players. Well, they can either take it or leave it, we got new players anyway.

-RIP my Leech Slayer-
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Enchantments (such as those found from the Labyrinth) now have their own mod slot on items. They no longer use the Implicit mod slot.

Does this mean we can now use a Bone Helm and slap on +40% Zombie Damage enchant on it?


Bone Helmet basetypes have had their increased Minion Damage lowered to 15-20% (from 30-40%). Existing versions will be changed to these values if a Blessed Orb is used.

OH COME ON! This means only the zombie build benefits by 20% dmg and all other minion builds lose 20% dmg from Bone Helm FFS!
I dont get the Ice Nova nerf....You have been improving Ice Nova damage and QoL for 10-12 patches and no one were using it. At the very moment a streamer use a clunky build to destroy content with Ice Nova you nerf the (prob) most buffed and less used skill of PoE? Logic not found imo.

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