Development Plan for 2019

GGG am dead now because of all the disconnect that happens when I am trying to buy anything
I am not asking for afucking auction house just let us trade without going to the others hideout and yes after you made the hideout permanent everyone now put everything in them and make the game crash even more. GREAT JOB GGG GREAT JOB
Thanks for the info Bex!

I'm stoked to participate as much as possible with POE in 2019!

Is there any chance we have a timeline with more info for Exilecon? I know as a US POE fan, hearing that Exilecon will come out 2-3 weeks before a December league sounds an awful lot like it may interfere or overlap with Thanksgiving plans for US POE fans.

Any chance you have a timeline on when we'll know exactly when Exilecon is happening? (IE when tickets go on sale will they have specific dates on them?)
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Can't wait.
Bolbor wrote:
please consider moving back the dev cycle a month so we don't have a league released into the same month that most of the team is out on vacation.

THIS. Also more playtesting to prevent issues like we experienced in Bestiary and now Betrayal. When a league is released it should be playable, not a 2 week project to get things running. Give us worse leagues if you need to, just TEST them first. ♥
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Kill the bots, please already
KGabQr wrote:
Please go fix

Yea we get it Sheldon Cooper, you want GGG to waste time on a fix no one really cares about.
Please enjoy and in the process, improve the optimization of the game. We are getting big content on top of more of the other content and the game is becoming a tangle of wires. With the Betrayal League, it was evident that the game needs a polish in this area, enough to have to read that it's needed an SSD to play Path of Exile.
Market system (maybe an npc and still have to go to hideout)
GGG: Here are 3.5.0 update and Betrayal league! Next Update will be 4.0!

Also GGG 1.5 month later: Next updates will be 3.6 3.7 3.9 3.10 3.14 3.666 lol
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