Development Plan for 2019


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Again GGG has proven that they are the true masters of the lost art of not saying anything at all. Development plan for 2019: "We work on some things and the convention too". Wow what an overwhelming flood of informations.
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Who cares abou all this? When can I play PoE on my phone?
60x7 wrote:
Yea we get it Sheldon Cooper, you want GGG to waste time on a fix no one really cares about.

I care about this a great deal. You calling him literal names from your favorite TV show indicates you don't understand his point at all.
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Thanks GGG! But I still need a IOS/ Mac Version :D i hate working with bootcamp! Anyways, cant wait for all the upcoming stuff! <3
i will play poe with my grandchildren
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Awesome stuff GG! You guys rock!
what i want to see in the near future in poe:

1. auction house, so i can buy easy the things i want, and sell my stuff even if im offline.
2. tab for delve fossils, resonators
3. blessings from the breach to have their place in the splinters tab, also if betryal goes to core, a place for the upgraded breachstones.
4. improved upgrade option to incursion temple, let me chose which room i can upgrade.
5. more sulphite nodes and give more sulphite from one node.
6. more fossils behind walls. because im at level 380 in delve and most of time i get only 1 fossils max between two nodes.
7. if betryal goes core. you should rework some of the loot from a few syndicate members to be more rewarding.
8. bosses of a map gives you 1 guaranted map the same as the map you are in, so you can sustain your maps better, and that way ppl have a reason to kill the boss of a map, many skip the boss these days.

as for mtx. bring more wings :)) in the last months you introduced more capes than wings.

and for leagues, some of them were awsome, some of them were boring and didnt make play them, but at least 1 league per year you get me hype to play again.
you are doing a great job with this game, keep up with the good work. and thank you for one of the best rpg.
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What i would like to see - unexpected disconnection bug gone...

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