Development Plan for 2019

looking forward to the March expansion! :)
I hope for trade improvements in the future. Looking forward to all new updates!
Ground Slam, now and forever.
Red Elder, 4 guardians, Shaper, uber elder. All in 2 hour.

No other words needed.
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What about game engine? Performance, graphics quality, models etc? Can we expect better detailed models and graphics, tessellation, DX12 maybe?
All this game really needs is a proper trade system - to get rid of scams and manipulations.
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Wow :)
i hope we could choose gender at 4.0 . im an old man , 42 and for a certain reason i was never attracted to play female caracter . in exemple i have never play tomb raider games , or a female blood elf in my 10 years of wow ( BE because i only played horde side ^^ ) and i know a few gamers like me that dont feel it fully immersive when they have to play as a female in a game .

for now in PoE i have an archer , i had to many archer/dex stuff in my reserve and guild bank and needed place. she is a funny class to play but she is a she....i want a he , not a she im a he not a she.....i know we are in early 2020 and that a guy turning into a woman is no big deal anymore but damn....leave me the choice.....XD
invested 200$+ in PoE , that give me the right to speak !
I really hope they increase the carryable inventory size. Doubling it from the amount we have now.
So many times going into maps and have lots of dtuff id like to keep but cant because my inventory is full but also cant be bothered to run back to get the items because running maps is all about clear speed and drops gained and time invested to earn currency at a certain rate.
Please increase carryable inventory size devs!

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