Elemental Proliferation

Correct. The elemental status effects are the effects caused by elemental damage - chill and freeze for cold, burn for fire, and shock for lightning.
JohnChance wrote:
the critical strike effecting benefits of sharing power surges with your minions via the conduit passive choice are both useless and that should be made apparent somehow so people don't put a lot of points into a build that simply won't work.
Conduit explicitly states it shares power charges with party members, not with minions.
Our game is very consistent with referring to minions as minions.
I would wager there are very, very few people who think minions count as party members for, anthing else that works from party members, like increasing the drops of monsters.
They also aren't shown in the party UI at all, where party members are.

There's no way we can meet everyone's intuitions, but minions being party members, in general is fairly unintuitive to I would guess a quite large majority of players. As I said, I've never once seen anyone complain the minions didn't count as party members for monster drops.
Strill wrote:
All I can say is that in pretty much every game I've played where it was applicable, minions were subject to any combat-related effects that applied to "party members", but only players affected party size or any mechanics derived thereof.
Fair enough - I personally could not name a single game I've ever played where this was the case.
Strill wrote:
Mark_GGG wrote:
If you're interested in the maths that leads to that number, a freeze lasts 100ms for every 1% of the target's life you dealt as cold damage on the triggering hit.
Freezes of less than 300ms duration are ignored, so 300ms is the shortest freeze, which requires 3% of life to be dealt as cold damage.
Now THAT explains why it's impossible to use this support together with cold damage. It's nigh-impossible to deal a crit that does less than 3% of a target's life in cold damage. No wonder enemies always shatter and don't activate the support gem.
What? the quoted text is explaining that you need to do _more_ than 3% of life to freeze, not less. If "It's nigh-impossible to deal a crit that does less than 3% of a target's life in cold damage" then it's therefore nigh-impossible to deal a crit that doesn't freeze.
Yes, but by the same token, fire and lightning damage only have an on-crit effect, cold can proliferate chills as well on every hit.
Velkor wrote:
Mark_GGG wrote:
I checked, and currently EP is not affected by AoE increases. I'll fix that at some point.

I was wondering if increased AoE passive (or support gem?) is affecting Elemental proliferation now ?
Yes, they are.
The area affecting support gems should apply to skills supported by EP
EP mechanically uses aura tech under the hood to create it's effect, but these are not actually considered auras and are not affected by aura-specific modifiers. Note that the support does not use the word aura at any point to describe it's effect.
The spread is not (And is not intended to be) a one-time thing. Other entities only have the ailment while the original one is spreading it. If it's removed, it's not spreading anything, so nothing can be affected by it.

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