[3.5] Old and New school Dual-Dagger BF Assassin | War Banner |


it seems that nowadays, nobody ever uses dual-dagger for attacks. We have tons of Arc Trappers/Miners, but no more good phys-dmg killers.
This is my attempt at this kind of builds, trying to make up for the loss of stat-sticks in 3.5.
We use a combination of old and new skills to survive in the harsh world of Betrayal-Wraeclast.

Facts :
> 6,6k life with Loreweave (7k+ with Belly)
> 580k DPS against Guardians/Shaper, with Blood Rage and Ancestral Protector up.
> Shaper and Uber Elder DOWN (never tried Uber Atziri yet).
> Easy Guardians and Elder Guardians
> Pure phys-dmg
> 92% acc, 62%-95% crit chance


- Nice clearspeed
- Boss killer
- All content viable


- Cannot do phys reflect maps
- Quite glass-cannon, even with high life and good regen



Going Dual-dagger is the principle of this build. Mine could be better but could be worse : 400k and 340k respectively.

Since we are dual-wielding daggers, we have to make do without protection from a shield and without life leech from claws.
So we gotta somewhat tank this glass-cannon build :D
Let's see how.


We use Shaper's Touch gloves

And we get as much Dexterity as possible.
Because more Dexterity now means : more Accuracy, more Evasion + more DPS and more life !

So we want Dexterit on amulet and rings. Maybe boots. And on the Starkonja helmet.

Currently, with 545 DEX, i get :
Melee Phys dmg : + 2%*(545/10) = +109%
HP : +(545/4) = + 136HP.

In "real life" numbers, it translates to +400HP and +100k DPS.
Better than a 2-abyss Tombfist with decent jewels, even if we can't intimidate enemies.

Of course, on the skill tree, we take lot of Dex nodes between the Assassin and the Duelist through the Ranger zone.


Atziri's boots for mapping, Kaom's Roots for Elder/Uber Elder, so as to avoid his slowing effects.

Previously, i used a pair of two-toned boots with life and Dex on them. But i managed to get enough res with the rings and amulet. I prefer Atziri's boots now for the movement speed, evasion and unique Spell Dodge hits chance. The Kaom's Roots for lot of life, no stun and no freeze.


Nothing new here i guess.

- Blade Flurry : BF + Melee phys dmg + Maim + Brutality + Inc Crit Dmg + Inc AOE / Conc Effect

Brutality is a choice. It means no elem and no chaos dmg. But it's a huge boost to your DPS. It allows us to forego Hatred and choose Vitality for survivability instead. More on that below.

- Whirling Blades : WB + Faster Attacks + Fortify + Blood Magic OR Reduced Mana
I also like to use :
- Lightning Warp : LW + Faster Casting + Less Duration (+ Swift Affliction).
But LW is totally optional. I just like to jump behind packs and cross the obstacles quickly.

I miss my stat-stick, what can I do to compensate his loss ?

Now that stat-sticks have become unusable for our build in 3.5, I've lost like half of my DPS. Ooch. You will be missed, Void Sceptre.

To (somewhat) make do for that, I still use :
- Ancestral Protector, for lot of speed attack bonus.
- Vaal Ancestral Warchief, to crush everything on screen faster than the All-Blacks would do in Eden Park stadium.
- Ice Golem, for Accuracy and Crit Chance.
- Herald of Purity

Since we are going full physical damage, i do not use Hatred, but Vitality aura.

And now, I use the newly introduced War Banner, for lot of Accuracy (up to 59%) and more phys dmg taken by enemies (up to 11%).
Coz when you're an Assassin, you'd better let the whole world know you're coming, brandishing your blood-stained banner !
Like you're Braveheart (... only you're alone).

You can also place the banner, giving you a nice boost of Adrenaline buff for up to 2,5 sec : 100% inc dmg, 25 inc attack, cast and movement speed, 10% additionnal phys dmg reduction.
Adrenaline is not only for you, Champions !

SKILL TREE (level 94)



Well, i guess that's it. I've had tons of funs with this char over the years, ruining packs, insta-killing bosses (not all of them) always trying to improve it against every mobs, boss (and GGG nerves) coming.
If you have any idea, criticism, suggestion, i'd be happy to read them, since i'm not yet entirely satisfied with this build (still lacking a bit of DPS, and still glass-cannon).

IGN : Kokamoru.
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