[3.9] Hybrid's take on Jugg Molten Strike - Hold right click to TANK anything | MELT the Atlas |

look at "Patches Updates" for the 3.9 changes.

*dont try this at home*

T16 UGS map, the more they hit me - the tankier i get ^^


Did uber elder but forgot to recond in the first time and the second time got corrupted :(

Deathless Uber Elder
Finally! remembered to record the Uber Elder fight.
but ofcourse i forgot to swap AC for EDWA XD
decent fight never the less.

Deathless Uber Elder
At last! did it right and used EDWA instead of AC :)

Deathless Shaper (3rd phase with full hp)

waited for shaper to fully regen after the 2nd phase.
Full fight here

Mastermind Boss

Deathless Red Elder (with mapping setup)
also tanking the expanding nova.

All the Guardians kills

T16 Mino just holding right click, ignoring boss mechanics completely

T16 UGS bosses with mapping setup (ancestral call instead of ele dmg w\ atks)

Post 3.5 patch: Still face tanking everythig

Uber Lab Demo

Phoenix and Esh demo

Patch Updates:

buffs: we got another base projectile from the skill.
nerfs: Point Blank got nerfed which affect the build because we mainly scale our projectiles damage and count.

other changes: elder (and shaper) bases going to be harder to acquire since map influence is being removed and shaper\elder encounters will be available only through Zana.
this also affects our weapon drop rate since its exclusive to an elder guardian (Constrictor).

To sum up: in 3.9 the build will work about the same, just less damage and harder to gear.
i cant recommend it as a league-starter until we get an idea of the new drop rates.

the new anointing system brings an interesting option for molten strike.
there is a new passive skill node called "Tribal Fury" that only available with anointing.
this node makes your strike skills target 1 additional target.
which could mean dropping ancestral call as a support gem and using the bossing setup even for mapping.

i will have to test this, but this might be a big buff for the build.

also some minor buffs to ancestral call and multistrike.
tiny bit higher crit chance from the tree to proc EO more often.


i made a new POB with the new skill tree.
there is a big change to leech:
the new skill tree solve our leech "problems".

we can now get the leech easily from the tree, no need for a watchers eye anymore.
also, mana leech can be obtained more easily and with less "cost".

there are div cards for xophs blood and elder helmet.
which can make acquiring the gear easier.

nothing mechanically, just improved performance.
this is very important since we throw so many balls per sec which could cause some fps issues even to high-end PCs.

Again, some buffs and nerfs to the build.

the removal of min crit chance cap wont affect us since we are not using anything that lowers our crit chance.
actually, in this patch it would be easier to proc EO since consecrated ground now grants 100% increased crit chance.
plus there is a new flask that triples the consecrated ground area AND grants +2% crit chance against mobs in it.

so if previously we had a 5% crit chance, we now have 14%.
5 (base from sword) +2 (from flask) X 2 (100% increased from consecrated ground) = 14 .
(would be closer to 13% due to hit chance cap and how POE works, but thats nvm :) ).

blood rage's mana cost has been reduced, but we dont really care, was never a problem.

anger damage got buffed slightly.

tombfists got nerfed and no longer grants attack speed.
they are still a good choice for the build tho since you can still have abyss jewels in them and the intimidation debuff is a nice dps boost.

this league a rare pair of gloves with life, attack speed and some damage mod\s could make a decent alternative (but still less damage).
this will also open a new source of getting dex and res from gear.

skill tree wise - cant see anything that will affect us.
edit: i changed the tree a tiny bit to get extra 10 dex, and 4% life.
also another 20 int so you dont need to get int on your gear anymore.
nothing to do with the 3.6 patch tho.

There are some nerfs and buffs to the build but it would still be strong.
i dont see something that "breaks" the build really.
i think that in this league more people would gravitate towards a dual wielding shanks instead of the sword+shield setup to compensate for the reduced number of balls from the threshold jewels.

the build never had damage issues even though i never focused on dps anyway.
my "philosophy" here is that as long as you can tank the damage you can always kill the boss.

i might of made this build a tiny bit too tanky and GGG decided to nerf it ^^

but if you follow the build you could do all of the content easily, even as a league starter.
gear to acquire as a league starter in order of importance:
1. Thief's Troment - will hard carry you to endgame if you can manage the resistances and dex.
2. Grelwood Shank - massive dps boost (wont be available in the first few days though so you will have to find a fast attacking sword\claw meanwhile)
3. elder helmet - that would be your 6L (you can start with a 5L).
4. Kaom's Heart - cuz big life is easy life :)

I know, i know!
there are many Molten Strike guides out there, probably with more damage too.
but they are focusing on damage too much and it hurts the build in other aspects IMO.
so i made my own build that fits my playstyle without compromising too much (if any) on damage.
Edit: after watching and analyzing more MS builds, i can safely say that mine is among the highest DPS ones.

-VERY tanky: many layers of defense
-Lots of life: 9k without GG gear
-Lots of damage
-Can do all content
-Excellent lab runner
-Fast mapping
-Can start on a budget, a good league starter too
-Scales greatly with better gear
-No clunky mechanics
-Can do any map mod, rippy maps isnt a big deal anymore

*ele ref is possible on a 3L, i swap for any other helmet with molten strike-multistrike-ancestral call. (no elder mods!)
i still do enough damage, yes! i tested it, still melts red map bosses :)
you can add Greater Multiple Projectile to further reduce the damage of each ball and increase the tankiness with more ball.

-Not a "ZOOM ZOOM" character like deadeye TS\KB (but is it really a con? :P)
-could get expensive if you try to min\max the build

Where the tankiness comes from?
1. we scale lots of life from tree and gear
2. capping resistances (OFC!)
3. armor and endurance chargers to mitigate hits
4. we get life from 3 sources: regen, leech and life gained on hit

We abuse the mod "life gain for each enemy hit by your attack" with the molten strike balls.
each ball that hits a monster grant us INSTANT life.
and since we throw alot of balls with high attack speed we get TONS of life recovered per sec.

Funny note: i survived almost 400 stacks of darkness in Delve before dying.

the build can throw up to 12 balls for EACH swing.
base skill is 3
2 balls comes from the threshold jewel
2 balls from the sword Grelwood Shank
2 more from the Dying Sun flask
and last 3 comes from the helmet enchant

OK! show me the actual build already!

NOTE: please do not PM me in game for help, check the FAQ section if you have questions, then post those in the thread if you couldnt find an answer.


Weapon 1:

Try to get a good attack speed roll on this one.

Weapon 2:
well, its a shield actully :)

This shield has a very high life roll and with the implicit we can get over 200 life.
also gives armor.


You dont have to get the dual abyss sockets, works the same with one socket too, just more damage.

Important note: make sure at least one of the jewels you are using in these gloves is a "Murderous" type so you get the damage boost from intimidation mod.

For abyss jewels you want life, fire damage and/or physical damage.

in 3.6 tombfists got nerfed and no longer provide attack speed.
if you are playing STD, that wont affect you since you can get a legacy pair.

if you are playing league, tombfists are actually still the best dps option.
to match a dual abyss tombfists (non legacy) in terms of dps you need a pair of rare gripped gloves with the incursion mod ("50 to 80 added fire damage against burning enemies) on it and attack speed.
which is pretty rare and expensive.
and you will still have less life and less sockets to get blind on hit jewel.

one abyss socket tombfists are also still better than a pair of rare gloves with attack speed and another dmg mod like phyz or fire.

abyss jewels and the intimidation debuff are too good to give up for.

with that being said, you can get a pair of rare gloves to solve your dex\res problems if you are really struggling.

for comparison, i lose about 15% damage if i use a pair of rare gloves compared to my legacy dual socket (which is huge really).
your results may vary depending on your gear ofc, POB is your best friend for that :)


Pretty much BiS, every mod on this items is useful for us.

10% life
fire res
10% str that gives us more life and damage
fire pen - more damage
cover enemies in ash - more damage
avatar of fire - again, more damage :)

We need Xoph's Blood also for "Avatar of Fire" mod that saves us points on the skill tree.
this mod convert phyz, cold and lightning damage to fire so we get more damage.
also this mod makes us deal only fire damage so phyz reflect maps are not a problem.

this amulet can be expensive, an alternative to that will be a rare ammy with life and res plus anything else you need like dex\int.
you can look for a "add fire/phyz dmg to atks" mod but that could get expensive too.


Rare belt with life, res and wed.
preferably stygian vise or leather belt to squeeze out just a little bit more life and damage.

For another layer of defense, you can use abyss jewel with blind on hit mod.


Rare boots with life and res.
movement speed is just a bonus because you will be using a movement skill for moving around.

Body armor:

Well, do i really need to explain this one? :)
TON of life
fire damage
and some armor too

WAIT! no 6L!?

we actually get our 6L from the helmet.
we can do that with the elder mods to get another 2 gems in the helmet itself.


you are looking for the "immolate" and "conc effect" mods with any other useful mod like life or res.

easiest way to find this helmet is with this search filter:
change to the current league in the search options.


try to get as much "life gained on hit" as you can and then any other mod you need like res or dex.
life is a good bonus on the rings but it can get very expensive.

alternatively you can use

but managing res and dex could be difficult.

*make sure you check the "cheap version" section too, there is a unique belt that gives you alot of life and mana GOH.

One of this for more balls:

you get this as a quest reward at act 5.

one of you rare jewels need to have the mod "2 mana gained for each enemy hit by your attacks" so you can sustain mana. 1 mana on hit could result in you not having enough mana to attack.
you want life and attack speed, AS is the best way to scale our damage.

Watcher's eye with Anger fire leech mod.
later you can upgrade to a double anger mod with leech and phyz gained as extra fire or increased fire damage.

Watcher's Eye with vitality life leech and swapping Herald of Ash with vitality, but its not ideal.

an elder ring with "Warlord's mark on hit" mod can probably work too.
thing is tho, you want rings with life gained on hit mods so that could be expensive with the warlord's mod.
also the leech from that curse is weaker compared to the watchers.

*post 3.7: we no longer need a watchers eye to leech life, we can get it on the tree.
which saves you money and allowing you to leech earlier in the league.

you might still want to use it since both ways are 3 points, but with watchers eye you get more life and potentially more damage if you manage to acquire a double/triple mod jewel.


We have 9k life and normal life flasks just wont be enough.
you wont be using this one really, since we get so much life regn\leech\gain.

more damage.
consecrated ground give us more life regen when we are standing on it.
you want anti bleed flask for the rare case you get that 20 stacks of bleed.
most bleed effects wont have much impact on us and you probably wont even degen at all.

try to get a good pen roll on that.
you can also try to get your uncapped fire res higher than cold&light but its not a big deal if you cant manage it because we use the next flask the grant us +50% fire res and should fix that problem :)

this flask gives us 2 more balls for a damage and tankiness boost.
you want to get a flask that consumes 30 charges or less so you can get 2 uses out of it. if it has the mod "increased charges uses" its not good for you.
you either want it to not have that mod at all or have the "reduced charges used" mod.
also try to get the lowest increased area of effect rolls, more area means less balls hitting the target.

Onslaught gives more attack speed which is very good for us.
you want anti curse mod on this one.
also you need the roll "reduced charges used" to be at least 23% to get 2 uses out of the flask.

My Gear \ "what to upgrade":

For corruption, look for attack speed implicit.
while %phyz or flat phyz corruptions might get you slightly higher dps, attack speed mod will make your build feel much smoother.

i personally moved to a shaped shield because i went all in and min\maxed the char.
but its really unnecessary and very expensive, remorse is more than enough.

For corruption, you want attack speed.
elemental weakness on hit might show a MASSIVE dps boost in POB, and its kind of is, but only against non-boss mobs, where you dont really need that much of damage to clear maps.
bosses have elemental resistances along with reduced effect of curses, so dps wise against bosses both corruption will be about the same, just that attack speed will make your build smoother.

a life recovery belt is very recommended since it buffs both regen and leech.

ele pen enchant is the best here.
gives us more damage against big bosses like shaper and elder.

useful corruptions would be increased damage for more dps or +1 to max res for defense.

a GG helmet.
"30% more elemental damage" roll is a massive dps boost, essentially making it a 7L helmet.

since im not running any offensive curse i went for poachers mark on hit ring for more life and mana GOH.


i have stumbled upon this beauty

so i swapped herald of ash with vitality.

i dont lose any dps due to the anger mod and i can still leech life.
but the real upgrade is the second vitality mod.
this mod plus the aura itself grants me about total of 1k life recovery over the old setup.
"increased life recovery rate" mod also affects leech rate :)

in 3.6 a new flask is coming out.
this flask triples the consecrated ground area and grants +2% crit chance against mobs in it.
this in conjunction with how consecrated ground works now will increase our crit chance significantly, allowing us to proc EO much more often.
on top of that, we get 10% increased damage.

this will replace your magic sulphur flask.

another flask from 3.5 is

10% increased damage and some life+mana recovery.
this flask also have a veiled mod available so you can get one with life regen or increased crit chance.

this will replace your magic silver flask.

in order to use those flasks you need to change your setup slightly.
if you add them to your "belt" you are now using 5 unique flasks which means you dont have space for an immunity mod like bleed\curse.

in order to give up on bleed immunity you need a jewel with "corrupted blood cannot be inflicted on you" mod, since this is the only bleed effect that can be stacked and be dangerous for us.
normal bleed effects are mitigated completely by our regen.

for curses, you need to worry about elemental weakness maps as this is the most dangerous curse in maps without a curse immunity flask.

this can be solved by stacking your resistances to the point your res is capped even in ele weakness maps.
the curse reduces your res by 34% so make sure your res rate is your max res (75% probably) +34.
tip: dont rely on your endurance charges to cap your res in those maps since its very risky.

other map curses are:
temporal chains - but we are immune to that curse due to JUGG :)
enfeeble - not dangerous, only less damage.
vulnerability - semi dangerous, but depends on the type of mobs\boss that in the map.

if you dont feel like giving up on one of those immunities, you can use a magic life flask.

but either way, you are only giving up on a little bit more damage so you are not really missing out on anything.

Cheap\budget\league start version?

getting LGOH rings with all the other needed mods can be expensive.
so there is a cheap way to get the same effect, with some sacrifices ofc.

this belt:

at first glance it looks pretty terrible, but check the poackers mark mod.
poachers mark at lvl30 gets you 34 LGOH and 15 MGOH, which apply to hexaproof mobs too!
on top of that, you get culling strike.

that means you can get your res and dex from the rings easily with some other damage mods and life.
if you cant cap your res for some reason, use a rare shield with life and res.

the phyz dmg taken with every movement skill isnt a big deal since we have enough life regen to counter it.
get the lowest damage roll and you are good to go.

this also means you no longer need a +2 MGOH mod on your jewel.

the downside is that it limits your potential and you have no armor so phyz dmg from big hits can be more deadly.

another cheap ring you can use is

you basically always ignite monsters so this ring acts like it has a LGOH mod.

if you cant afford xophs blood, take avatar of fire on skill tree, its a 3 points investment.

+2 MGOH jewels arent really expensive or hard to acquire, but in case you really need that jewel slot or free mod you can take "revelry" node on the tree, its a 2 point investment.

Gem links:

Main skill in Helmet:(6L)
Molten Strike - Multistrike - Combustion - Ancestral Call
you get Immolate and Conc effect from the helmet's elder mods so they are automatically linked.
for hard single targets swap Ancestral Call with Elemental Damage With Attacks.
Personally i dont swap gems because i still melt T15 bosses with the mapping setup.

Movement skill:
Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Blood Magic
you can use fortify instead of BM.
i use BM cuz i can run out of mana sometimes on long travel distances.
i personally prefer WB becase its very fast and responsive, however you can use leap slam\shield charge if you like it better.

also WB is safer than leap slam since you are getting hit by the monsters gradually as you dash into the pack.
with leap slam you get hit from all of the monsters at once which can be more dangerous.

Anger- Blood and Sand - Herald of Ash - Enlighten
Enlighten gives us more room to breath with the mana, also its a great QOL in no mana regen maps.

*NOTE: make sure you are in Blood stance (red icon) and not Sand stance.

Cast With Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Summon Lightning Golem

DPS boosters:
Blood Rage - Ancestral Protector
the totem gives more attack speed.
Blood Rage gives attack speed and frenzy charges on kill for even more AS.

i have a dual socket tombfists so in my 2nd socket i use a portal gem, thats the way i like to play.
you can use war banner instead or put the banner in the auras setup and give up on the enlighten if you feel comfortable with the limited unreserved mana.


Major: Soul of Arakaali

you need to upgrade it for the life recovery rate.
its works with blood rage and immortal call.
when immortal call proc with CWDT you are immune to physical damage and since blood rage degen is physical damage over time this scenario activate the pantheon buff.

Minor: Sould of Shakari
upgrade it for full effectiveness.
i used to roll with sould of gruthkul for the phyz mitigation, but in 3.4 poison got buffed, so monster's poison also cause more damage and can be very deadly now.
pre 3.4 poison wasnt even noticeable.


not much to say here, normal leveling items.

use Thief's Torment as early as you can get it.
this ring can also be your endgame ring if you manage the res and dex.

I used Molten Strike from level 1 with ancestral call.
you want to link it with faster attacks and multistrike later on.

you can add ele dmg w\ atks and added fire damage to the setup.
damage is high right from the getgo.

for a weapon, try to get a fast attacking claw\sword.

when you get to lvl 68 you can equip

this is the closest to a grelwood while you are saving for the real deal.

POB, Skill Tree, Ascendancy and Bandits:

Bandits: kill all. we need the points :)

Ascendancy progression:
1. Undeniable for damage, hit chance and attack speed.
2. Unstoppable for QOL.
3. Unbreakable for a lot of defense mods.
4. Unflinching as endurance charges have more effect in endgame where physical damage is high.

Skill tree progression: (you can use the POB link too, it has the tree progression as well)

Part one

Part two

Part three

Complete tree

for easier mana sustain, we take the life and mana leech node on the right side of the tree.
you still want to use a +2 mana gained on hit jewel, especially for no leech maps.

General tree progression:
*Feel free to spec the points where ever you need\want.
you pretty much alternate between damage and life.
there are no "build enabling" nodes so you have alot of freedom.

You can take Avatar Of Fire node until you get a xophs blood.
Point Blank is too far to take on the tree and you lose alot of points, its better to save for Grelwood Shank.

Dual Wielding:
you can use the same tree to easily switch between dual wield setup and shield setup.

if you dont feel like it, take "Dervish" node instead of the two small projectile nodes.
(you still want to take "Fury Bolts")


also include all of the tree progression.

*added a correction for multistrike on a jewel.


well, im not sure, just know that its very high and will MELT bosses :)

ingame tooltip only shows the melee party of molten strike damage.
POB probably shows damage per ball but its hard to tell how many balls hits the monster as its depends on RNG and the mob's hitbox.

the theoretical dps formula is:
damage per ball X attack speed X number of balls per attack X % balls that hit the enemy.

EDIT: i have tried multiple calculators in the past but they all seemed to either exaggerate or under estimate the dps.

this calculator looks more accurate, you will still need POB for this tho.
Molten Strike DPS Calculator

Useful Tools (Warning! contains awesomeness)

Gear Shop:

Very nice sheet with pictures and links to the build's items with variety of options and rolls.
made by Yokzjumper

Tool for calculating resistances:
I like to use an EXCEL file i made for calculating res needed to cap.
here is a link:


Can i use "this" weapon?
my build is using grelwood shank and lioneyes remorse.
there is no other sword that will give you more dps.
though you can replace the shield for more dps but less defense and life.
best option will be another grelwood shank (what a surprise ^^) or beltimber blade.

Can i use "this" armor?
there is no better option than kaoms.

we use an elder helmet as a 6L so there is no need for a 6L armor.
loreweave's life roll is just way too low to consider as an option.
even with belly of the beast you lose 1k life over kaoms.

also those would be more expensive than a kaoms+elder helmet.
so i cant see why would you even bother with anything other than kaoms.

I cant afford "this" item, what to do?
first, there is a budget section for that.
second, there arent any "build enabling" items in this build so you can use something else until you can afford it.

also, dont try to search for the most GG items or the perfect rolls if you dont have the money for it.
get what you can afford at that moment.
the only things that you should really invest in them are the helmet and sword.
get a good attack speed roll on the sword and you are set for endgame.
on the helmet you want the dual elder mods (conc effect+immolate) and a decent life roll, anything else is a bonus and will probably be expensive.

for example:
single abyss socket tombfists are perfectly ok and very cheap, dont be so stubborn on having a legacy dual socket.

enchants on boots or helmet arent required!
sure they help alot, but you will be totally fine without them.

there are plenty alternatives for the rings, and you dont have to get damage mods on them, focus on LGOH and life\res\dex.

double\triple mod watchers eye is nice to have, but you only really want the leech mod from it.

not having the Dying Sun flask wont cripple the build, i promise.

n fact, none of the items would break the build if you cant get them right away or with the perfect roll.

Why not "this" aura?
we use anger and herald of ash since both are the biggest dps auras we can use.
you can replace HOA with vitality if you have the vitality leech watchers eye.

war banner has a very small effect on us since we already have alot of accuracy and we are almost at the hit chance cap anyway.
the attack speed gained from the banner's increased accuracy is pretty low.
in addition, the increased damage taken isnt global, its phyz, which we do not deal, only fire.

the adrenaline is a big boost, but its active only when you place the banner and for a short period of time (like 2 sec?).
this is almost useless against bosses, where you actually need the dps boost.
while mapping you have enough damage.

I cant sustain my mana, what gives?
First, make sure you are using all the right gear and you are past the leveling phase (AKA at least lvl 80) with all the ascen points.
Second, link the Enlighten gem to your auras setup (3L).

then, dont hold the attack button for too long while mapping.
usually its enough to just tap it once and dash away.

you need to get used to it, because the projectiles are delayed.
they take some time to hit the target so it might feel like you are weak\slow.
but you are probably attacking like once or twice too many times and then there are no monsters to hit and gain mana from.

if you still cant sustain mana, try getting another +2 mana jewel and be less "trigger happy".

if you cant sustain your mana after all of this, delete the game, it doesnt like you :)

there is a budget gear option that solve the mana issue, check it out.

Why arent you using curses?
a curse with blasphemy takes too much mana.
warlords mark isnt really useful for us since we have the fire leech and we get mana on hit.
poachers mark isnt really needed and wont work on hexaproof maps.

flammability is a dps curse, but we are not using it because its not reliable enough with CWDT setup (not that we have spare sockets anyway).
and manually casting the curse is just having an additional mechanic to manage and in some fights will get you killed, or you will forget to use the curse.

same story for wave of conviction..

im not a POB DPS warrior, i would rather focus on real performance in practice.
i could easily make a bullshit dps POB that only works on paper, or with real headache to set up.
like this 800k+ dps file.

How much dex&int i need?
Dex: at least 122 so you can equip the sword. (you now have 134 dex from the tree)
you can try to get 155 dex for a lvl20 blood rage, but its not a big deal.

Int: 111, only for lvl20 combustion.
you now have 124 int (104 previously) natively from the tree so you dont need to worry about it.

What level should my CWDT gem be?
lvl 20 so you can use higher level golem and less frequently endurance charges loss.

How much extra dps lvl21 gems will give me?
dont bother, the dps increase is very neglectable.

What about using Empower?
see last answer :)

How is my dps? \ Why my dps is so low?
first, make sure you are using POB to analyze your dps and not the ingame tooltip.
also verify you tick all the right boxes in the configuration tab (like "is the enemy ignited?"), you can compare it with my POB link i provided, and that you have the complete skill tree (at least level 93).
also use Elemental Damage with Attacks gem instead of Ancestral Call.
second, take a look at the gear section and confirm that you are using all the correct items.

if everything above is right, your dps is fine.
you should be around 200k dps against normal monsters with the magma balls (not melee hit section).

ofcourse that your dps isnt really 200k, check the DPS section for more information.

sometimes you just hit bad RNG and your EO wont proc so it might feel a little bit weak.

I cant kill Phoenix | getting REKT by phoenix
so apparently ive heard that more than once so i wrote a small in one of my comments:

hybridboy wrote:

First, i would try this boss with ancestral call instead of EDWA so it would be easier to kill the mobs around and get better positioning.
Second, unless you have enough hp, it will kill you really fast with its explosions.

so i would recommend dodging its big attacks and/or killing the mini phoenixes around so you wont get hit by too much damage.

the fight is a bit chaotic, cuz the mobs around are shooting you and there are those small fire tornadoes that follow you.

its big attacks arent that hard to dodge, it takes a short time for the boss to charge them.
you can see this at 0:08 in the video.

so the strategy would be kind of: dodging the big attacks and meanwhile kill the mobs around, repeat until its dead.

the big explosion did over 6k damage to me, but i barely noticed cuz of the high life recovery.
pretty much tanked the big attacks+3 fire tornadoes+projectiles from the mobs around.


Phoenix fight

Can i pm you ingame?
EDIT: NOPE, sorry.

i used to allow people to PM me, but i only got bombarded by silly questions that are answered in the guide and people were too lazy to check the FAQ or just read the guide carefully.
so dont be offended if you are being ignored.

if you have questions, post them in the thread.

that's it!
would love to hear your feedback :)

please no more linking ALL of your gear and asking "what to upgrade now?", its annoying and spammy.
just look at my gear and and try to get something similar.
if you REALLY cant resist doing it, at least use the "spoiler" option to hide the items.
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Solid build, really is as tanky/strong as is claimed, i have the same build essentially, just using 2x grelwoods.
Will carry you though endgame with absolute ease.
Sickeningly OP!
Any suggested alternatives for the helm? Literally there is only one up for sale on Delve league right now and they are very pricey. Seems this build needs the help with the "supported by socketed gem" helm though so I am curious if you can still make this work if you can't afford or find that helm yet.
krut0n wrote:
Any suggested alternatives for the helm? Literally there is only one up for sale on Delve league right now and they are very pricey. Seems this build needs the help with the "supported by socketed gem" helm though so I am curious if you can still make this work if you can't afford or find that helm yet.

there is no alternative for the helm as its our only way to get a 6L with kaoms.

these helmets are really cheap.
i got mine at the first day of delve for like 25c.

you can find these for 10-15c in delve or std no problem.
i made this build so you can start cheap :)

here is a link to poe.trade search filter i made:



Rohak wrote:


i will add this to the guide, ty.
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preferred order of ascendancies?
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Rohak wrote:
preferred order of ascendancies?

I would go with:
1. Undeniable for damage, hit chance and attack speed.
2. Unstoppable for QOL.
3. Unbreakable for a lot of defense mods.
4. Unflinching as endurance charges have more effect in endgame where physical damage is high.
what do you think about drop sword and use Dreadsurge + sprinkler for dual hand? price of giving up little bit of defence
Is there a leveling tree that we may be able to use as a guide as well? Thanks for the build.

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