3.3.1b Patch Notes

Talamoe wrote:
Fixed a bug where +2 to Level of Socketed Aura, Curse, Projectile, Fire, Cold, and Lightning Corrupted Implicit mods were not able to spawn with one another on the same item.

Why it took so long to spot it and fix it?

Perhaps because GGG introduced so many damned bugs over the years, and fixed so few (relatively) that their backlog list would encircle the globe?


Another thing i ran into yesterday was the vaal temple map bug when pressing v in a hideout. The map never updated and showed some old temple. Inside a map it showed the right temple. I don't see a fix for this.
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Maybe we want to fix Poet's Pen sometime this decade.
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Nothing too interesting here.
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Fixed a bug where flasks with the "of Dousing" mod would not prevent Ignite or Burning if activated just as the ailment was about to be applied.
Maybe that's why I just got vaporized in a Cells map. She got something coming now
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Arc buff.
Hartlin_GGG wrote:
Fixed a bug where the "Lucky" buff granted by Vaal Arc did not work.

Oh that's why Vaal Arc felt so crappy? Figures, it didn't really work. Hopefully it'll be worth using now.
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Hartlin_GGG wrote:
3.3.1b Patch Notes
  • Fixed a bug introduced in patch 3.3.1 where hovering over the experience bar displayed the tooltip in the wrong location.

Glad you fixed this. Was odd to have it on the right side of the screen. Can you also fix a different feature/bug where the tooltip doesn't show at all if you hover over the experience bar while the Atlas is open?
Hpoe that game not freeze and crash every 2 minutes like after 2 last updates - forced me to update GPU driver again and again and again and again(which solves problem but that not happened in the past)....
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are performance drops introduced in 3.3.1 corrected?

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