3.3.1 Patch Notes

still no colossus sword + high council mtx fix btwbtw q__q
Only issue with this is that some rooms were damn near impossible to get to 3. I could go 5 or 6 temples in a row without getting a room to 3 because of randomness of her room choices. Now that there are 2 more rooms this only becomes harder.

Specially if Incursion is rolled out to the permanent setup. Usually when that is done you make said aspect of the game much harder to find. Such as Breach and abyss. This will make it even hard and longer to get a room to to make it worth while. (still months out I know, just speculating.)
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3.3.1 Patch Notes
  • Fixed various bugs which could prevent an Abyss from spawning.

tnx god, they finally did it, i reported that bug in first month of bestiary btw!(Rolling abyss sextant could cause no abyss spawn on the map!)
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GGG is such an excellent and hard working company! Gotta love em!

ok thx

Member wen 76 Crema boss was the most exhilarating fight in da gayme?
Rip cold snap
Does this patch include DirectX9 performance improvement?
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Honor him cold snap 2018-2018.

It had a good run for all of one month. F to pay respects
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Only thing that gets slightly harder is to get your desired rooms to appear in temple. Getting rooms to tier 3 stays exactly the same.
so I just started playing poe this season(incursion is cool) and my character is a cold snap trickster but even though i cant stack anymore this change should make my build more effective so im eager to test this one out
Does anyone know when the Party Improvements are being added to the game?

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