[3.10] Dreamfeather Machine. Champion/Gladiator Build. | All Content! League Starter - Budget!

nice build. this is my 5th char this league and maybe my favourite so far!! is double strike or blade flurry better single target? awesome build I enjoy it
Trying the "Tank" version. How the heck did you get 5R and 1G on Crystal Vault?
No changes to the previous patch. I will not be playing this build in this league myself, but I am waiting for the melee changes announced in 3.7!
Thanks for sharing !

But you guys (build makers) should consider a section "leveling guide" for newbes like myself :P

I know it must be really obvious for you but sometimes the leveling process (What itens to look for, what gems to use as I level up) is not that easy ;s
Thanks for this guide! I've been really wanting to try Vaal Double Strike for awhile now and made up my mind that this new league was going to be the time for me! I was looking at quite a few different build guides for this skill and your's is the most original and doesn't require 1,000,000,000 Ex lol!!

Thanks for all the effort and keep up the great work! I can't wait to get in game and start putting this new character together!!

I'm a noob and I will try your build for my first league starter :D Wish me luck!
I'm very happy to see a sword bleed build like the one i've started playing but i had problem with whirling blades and reave because of the int requirement
how can you equip and cast int skill gem?
Also what do you think about lacerate?
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I don't think I will reach lvl 100 to get up there in the skill tree but, how important are Devotion, Sanctity, "Dicipline and Training" and Retriution?
They seem so far away we could put more points in resists and Diamond Skin if needed and maybe more points near the jewels.
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Em wich armor do u mean with its for the endgame???
What Jewels do you recommend?

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