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Why are you using War Banner? Is it really that worth while using Resolute Technique?
Okay posted double:D
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Hardcore viable? The tanky version? Or anyone know a good hardcore starter build that's fairly cheap to gear for beginner? 3.4/3.5

I have not tried it on HC, so I can not recommend you but if you would like to try it, please give feedback :)

sup! doin this as league starter, leveling was okay
whats the setup for 5L ?

Depends on Attack Speed if multistrike fight is not clumsy then drop Brutality if it is clnky then drop multistrike until you get the right Attack speed to use it.

Why are you using War Banner? Is it really that worth while using Resolute Technique?

I started another build in this league, we play Grace + Herald of Purity which gives us 75% of reserved mana, War Banner will take us an extra 10% so we will get additional damage thanks to that. But it's. of course, it is not necessary to use.
Witchfire's Brew doesn't seem worth it to me when you are running blasphemy vuln. We only get one curse, so that part of the flask isn't really worth it. The increased DoT is nice, but you could just use a Sulphur Flask instead and get some more utility out of the flask. Or, if I'm not mistaken, a Lion's Roar could add additional damage by making the hits that create bleeds do significantly more damage. The 100% increased evasion rating is nice, but you could roll that on a Sulphur Flask as well, or potentially any other flask you replace it with.
I've been leveling this build with Tabula and buying good 1h weapons as I go and it's pretty good for clearing but I feel very weak against single target (syndicate, Atziri, etc). I'm level 35 and I've tried different setups but the damage doesn't feel great considering I'm overgeared.
For now I'm running Herald of Ash and Ice with 6L Reave/Cleave for clearing (it works great) and Vaal Double Strike with Multistrike-Bleeding-Physical dmg for single target.

Can you give me a couple of tips on how to get going until I get all the ascendencies and my bleeds start hurting? Also, any good leveling items I should be aware of? I have plenty of currency since this is my 2nd character of the league.
I just levelled this build this week, with tabula/goldrim/wanderlust and ssf other items (including weapons).

Feel incredibly smooth and easy to level with cleave and vaal double strike for boss, until multistrike was available. On tabula, before multistrike : vaal DS, cleave, faster attack, melee physical, bleed, onslaught.

Levelled with herald of purity, herald of ash and dread banner.

Swapped for vaal DS/ancestral call/melee splash/bleed/melee physical/multistrike after multistrike was available. The clear was good enough for me, with a very good feeling.

Lvl 82 now, less than 1 ex invest on stuff. My current stuff :

The biggest problem I had was the lack of dex and int.

With impresence, I run with vulnerability/grace/herald of purity and dread banner.

I don't know what is the best between dread banner and war banner. I like the new impale mechanic, with double strike as main skill it stacks pretty well. Maybe I should swap for war banner with my lab enchant on helmet.

I have only 75% chance to bleed, but vulnerability curse increase the bleed chance on ennemies. I didn't feel any lack of damage atm (running T9/T10 maps), and the clear with DS/multistrike/ancestral call/melee splash + blood explosion from ascendancy is really good. I dropped reave cause in lack of slot and my map clearing is good enough for me.
hi~can i do the Belly of the Beast Full Wyrmscale?^^
Great build im really loving this! i do have one question though , i cant seem to actually see the endurance charges on my buff bar , i have a 5l Daresso's atm and maybe about 2/3 through the tree any idea if this is just a visual bug or did i jack something up and am not receiving the charges on kill?
Hello, I am currently struggling with this build.I am not doing enough damage at tier 10+ maps. My damage feels low, boss fights are like 1/3 chance of me living, my clear speed feels a bit sluggish, and breaking down the Fortification doors is the biggest struggle.

My current set up - https://pastebin.com/WtVhvWAM

Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated.
Same for me im stuck lvl90 because tier 13+ maps are too hard, some bosses and beasts one shot me for some reason... even if i have vaal grace and all my pots activated. Thats frustrating lol.

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