[3.10] Dreamfeather Machine. Champion/Gladiator Build. | All Content! League Starter - Budget!

Where do the procs for endurance charges come from for immortal call??
At your AS, you should be using ruthless. The thing is that those 3rd hits over like 4 secs get prevalent and bleed is much higher. :-) I have tool to calculate bleed DPS much more accurately than PoB does if you are interested PM me.
Squidlogic wrote:
Where do the procs for endurance charges come from for immortal call??

From chest

@Filousov hmm, PM send :)
Up to 3.5 done. Just small buffs, greetings and good luck in the new league.
That's nice u still have time to update this one for us!
Thanks a lot! Gonna try this on Betrayal
BTW, check PM. I have few questions.
Hows this for a league starter?
This is a very good starter. I started it two times, generally the only thing you need to start to clear maps is 2x Dreamfeather (always one of the cheapest weapons at the start), and ordinary items with evasion, the only thing we need to start is Dreamfeather.
niceeee the bleedflurry was my favorite character and i still have all the gear !!!
will be super fun with new herald of purity ^_^ really gonna try this again now gotta reroll my gladiator nice!!!
Explosive Cleave Gladiator by supreme_pizza
Hardcore viable? The tanky version? Or anyone know a good hardcore starter build that's fairly cheap to gear for beginner? 3.4/3.5
sup! doin this as league starter, leveling was okay
whats the setup for 5L ?


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