[3.3] Noodle's Arc Trap + Lightning Spire Trap Saboteur (Budget 2.2M+ Shaper DPS)

Would you recommend this build for newer players or as a starter?

How does it compare to the flamethrower build here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2150567

Haven't done flamethrower but it seems fine but potentially slower since Arc allows you to chain through packs of enemies. Absolutely a good starter build!
how does tinkerskin affect chain reaction at all x_X?

Sorry, should have clarified: With Chain Reaction, the benefits of Tinkerskin only apply to the area of the first trap triggered (since other traps aren't considered "triggered" by an enemy). You can work around this by increasing Trigger Radius of traps. It's not negated but the benefits of Tinkerskin are reduced by Chain Reaction.
Neehan wrote:
Arc trapper is so freaking strong at leveling! I leveled using ZiggyD’s strategy from the video he posted. Then I got some Deerstalkers, one of those new resist belts, and that ridiculous Vaal amulet and am now shredding through the storyline content with Arc traps. Thanks for the build.

What pantheons are you using?

Sacrificial Heart? I'm using the same amulet! I love it!

I'm currently using Major: Soul of Lunaris and Minor: Soul of Shakari cause of those pesky chaos spitters in temples and incursions.
Aklyon wrote:
Why use a whole orb of storms setup over charged traps support?

You definitely can! It's just a flavor of choice. I want the power charges, but also the arcane surge, but didn't want to give up the extra life and mana granted from Assassin's mark on kill. Since I can't really reserve more mana than I have with Wrath, blasphemy wasn't an option, and I find putting Arcane Surge and Assassin's Mark on Orb of Storms preferable to manual AM and charged traps. So, just a little extra defenses and personal preference.
gm08872 wrote:
Looking for a boss killer build and I really love arc and traps was just gunna make a Rf jug but saw this guide. How well does this build take on red elder shaper etc, or would I be better off just making that jug

Just saw Uberelite shred red Elder easy on two 5 links on SSFHC with his arc trapper/lightning spire build

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Thanks for the build, nice and smooth so far!
As most of our dps comes from arc trap, I find deerstalker to be bis (15% trap throwing speed). Why is there not many people using that?
Low life and no resistances. :)

but if you dont have any good rares, deerstalker are very good.
Level 67 - Deerstalkers are the only item i bought.

Works really fine :)

Im a bit confused about tinkerskin prices - 30 chaos at least... and like 100 listed on poe.trade. Hello Market if there are too many they should become cheaper ....

Is there an specific Gem Level required in the CWDT Setup? My Phase Run wont trigger at all.

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