[3.3] Noodle's Arc Trap + Lightning Spire Trap Saboteur (Budget 2.2M+ Shaper DPS)

UPDATE July 24th: Added Lavianga's Flask

Hey! I'm Noodle, and I'm a long time lover of meme builds who has finally gotten around to sharing something with you. This is my first guide, so let me know if you have any questions! Leave them here or come ask me live on Twitch as KittenCatNoodle

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NOTE: This is a beginner/budget version of Arc Traps. There are plenty of upgrades you can make as you get to higher levels. This build is based on being affordable and using a manual dodge movement skill (whirling blades) instead of using a wand (can't use whirling blades or shield charge).

Arc Traps is an insane way to both clear rooms and kill bosses. If you want to complete an Incursion with 20 seconds left to run around, this is your build. Even on a 4 link, this build booms. While trap mechanics may be challenging for some (hint: stop running into the middle of the pack) the build is super rewarding, fun, and scales insanely well from leveling to end game.

Basic gameplay: Throw down your orb of storms, and then a billion traps. Rinse and repeat. Watch packs and bosses alike melt before you. Use lightning spire for added single target.

Pros and Cons
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+ Great clear speed
+ Insane boss killing
+ Low-Cost gear
+ Watching Arc clear a pack is Kreygasm

- Shadow has a hard time getting life
- High mana cost
- Everyone is doing Arc something

Build Guide Video
T12 Red Elder Kill
Shaper's Guardians

Path of Building
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MoM and Essence Worm
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https://pastebin.com/86FUUbBy you will need to use Clarity and Vaal Clarity for good mana sustain

My Current Character
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Leveling Trees
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The pastebin has all of these leveling trees, but here is a brief explanation of each.

Level 1
I started leveling with Explosive Trap and Freezing Pulse, then Explosive Trap and Lightning Trap. As soon as you have a 4 link, switch to Arc-Trap-Cluster Trap-Trap and Mine Damage (or) Added Lightning. You can use Multiple Trap until you are high enough level for Cluster Trap. Do not switch to Arc until you can use Multiple Trap.

Level 28
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DPS and MoM Tree
NOTE: As MoM you should get Vaal Clarity ASAP so you can use Clarity + Vaal Clarity
Early levels are focusing on Life and Surviving so we are stretching across the tree as far as we can to get some base life nodes. Damage should still feel good; Master Sapper and Clever Construction should give us enough damage and throw speed for now. Acrobatics is important.

Level 52
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DPS Tree or MoM Tree
Getting more life that we can reach and boosting some damage by continuing to Devastating Devices, taking the Saboteur node with Speed before it, and grabbing Crackling Speed for lightning specific damage. I take 1 jewel slot and use Assassin's Haste for leveling. If you have the Sacrificial Heart amulet you should be OK on mana regen; if not, use Clarity until you can get to Shaper node.

Level 76
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DPS Tree or MoM Tree
NOTE: MoM Grab Dynamo near scion life wheel ASAP
Life is still priority so make sure you go down through witch to Shaper (mana regen) and Constitution (scion life wheel). We start stacking crit nodes now, getting Blast Cascade and Doom Cast.

Level 90
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DPS Tree or MoM Tree
Stacking more Life and Crit/Crit Multi. Trap wheel through High Explosives, and grabbing a couple jewel slots close to our pathing.

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1. Perfect Crime
2. Chain Reaction
3. Pyromaniac
4. Born in the Shadows
I am in Softcore, so in Hardcore you may want to take Pyromaniac first, for the life regen, then Perfect Crime->Chain Reaction->Born in the Shadows.

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Take Alira for them sweet Crit multi's and mana regen. Mana sustain can be tough as a trapper, especially when we are throwing up to 23 traps at a time.

For clearing and Incursions, I use Major: Soul of Lunaris (projectiles) and Minor: Soul of Shakari (chaos) or Soul of Ryslatha (health)

For Elder, I use Major: Soul of the Brine King (chill and stun) and Minor: Soul of Gruthkul

Abyss jewels, especially Hypnotic Eye Jewels, are ideal. We want things with:
1. Flat life / % increased life
2. % increased critical multiplier for lightning/spells
3. Flat lightning damage to spells
4. Flat elemental damage to spells
5. % increased lightning damage
6. % increased spell damage
7. Mana regen / mana cost reduction

My current jewels:

You'll want a Starkonja's helm and Shaper Gloves with Traps throw additional trap. I recommend dual spell damage/crit chance/crit multi daggers. Platinum or Golden Kris.

While leveling, you want daggers (preferable, cause whirling blades) or wands with
1. Increased %spell damage
2. Flat elemental damage
3. Mana regen

As you level farther, you'll want to look for daggers with:
1. Increased Global Crit chance (Golden or Platinum Kris)
2. Global Crit Multi
3. Mana regen
4. Increased %spell damage

Edit: I've had some questions about how I crafted my daggers. Here's what I recommend doing:
Buy a Golden or Platinum Kris dagger, either normal or magic/rare and scour it. Preferably it will be over ilvl82. I used a few Shrieking Essence of Scorn to roll the daggers, because this guarantees 100-109% crit chance for spells, which is hard to beat. I used a couple for each dagger until I got the rolls you can see on my daggers below.
Overall, the dagger should cost about 1c and each essence is about 4c, so you're looking at ~13c cost per dagger in my experience.

If you go MoM be aware that mana sustain is difficult. As you can see in the trees, we have taken the "Dynamo" mana cost reduction node by the scion life wheel. If you need to stack mana regen nodes (like Deep Thoughts) while leveling you can and respec later. Make sure you have plenty of mana regen on your gear.

If you are using a Tinkerskin you will want to scale up your trap trigger radius. You will want as much overlap as possible. After talking with trappers and clarification from your posts, here is the breakdown:
1. The order of operations for traps is "Traps Triggered by Enemy" -> "Traps Triggered" (by Chain Reaction).
2. If your trap trigger radius overlaps, like a venn diagram, an enemy triggering a trap in that overlapping radius counts as triggering multiple traps.
3. You will receive Tinkerskin benefits from the number of traps an enemy has triggered.

I would recommend revising the tree to grab trap trigger radius nodes like Expeditious Munitions and the node on Master Sapper wheel.

DPS Gear
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Note: Choir of the Storm's lightning bolt will not proc from traps, but we still get sweet Lightning Damage, Crit Chance, and increased Maximum Mana.

MoM and Essence Worm
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You may also want a mana flask for this setup.

My Current Gear

I use Wise Oak's for Elder/Bosses and Atziri's Promise for clearing/Incursions/Temples.

Gem Link
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Body Armour
Vaal Arc - Trap Support - Cluster Traps - Trap and Mine Damage - Added Lightning - Lightning Penetration

Orb of Storms - Curse on Hit - Conductivity - Arcane Surge

Shaper Gloves (You can put Arc in this set-up to save Trap support, but since we use Arc the most, I've returned it to the 6 link and it still gets the +additional trap bonus)
Lightning Spire Trap - Increased Area of Effect - Controlled Destruction - Trap and Mine Damage
Note: Increased area of effect does not increase the size of the circle in which Lightning Spire hits. It increases the width of each bolt WITHIN the circle of Lightning Spire, making each bolt take up more "space" and therefore "hit" more area within the circle.

Cast when Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Phase Run - Increased Duration

Weapon 1
Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Fortify

Weapon 2
Wrath or Vaal Purity of Lightning - Vaal Clarity - Decoy Totem

Optional: Essence Worm
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Would you recommend this build for newer players or as a starter?

How does it compare to the flamethrower build here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2150567
Thanks for taking the time in making this guide, one thing though...the pastebin links to the progression trees are not working properly.
theeze wrote:
Thanks for taking the time in making this guide, one thing though...the pastebin links to the progression trees are not working properly.

Should be updated to PoePlanner now! Thanks
I'm thinking about getting gloves that have the "supported by x lvl trap support" and socketing arc there instead, and then swapping lighting spire trap into the 6L for ultimate boss demolition. Do you think this could potentially be better than have arc in a 6L?
I'm using Efficacy as a support for the extra spell damage. Might be worth dropping the AoE skill gem from gloves and replacing with Efficacy if using for single target.

Overall, nice short guide, thanks.
how does tinkerskin affect chain reaction at all x_X?
So how does the endgame working out with your build? I plan to respecc into ARC traps because I am getting tired of the clunkiness of GC mines. They are pretty strong but goddamn my finger hurts after a session.
Would you recommend this build for newer players or as a starter?

How does it compare to the flamethrower build here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2150567

I'm curious, also. My guess is that they are fairly similar. I've been swapping the skills in and out to see which feels better.
Playing this for incursion. Lvl 85 atm (yea, slow af lol).

This build is insane for clearing packs. On paper, lightning trap seems better than arc (extra gem slot as you dont need trap support, and 6% crit base instead of 5%). But arc is mechanically superior.

But. Lightning spire trap is only useful for bosses you can kill in 3 traps. I am looking for a better single target killer...

Any of you guys done the math? Arc for clear, and either storm call, ball lightning, or shock nova?

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