Today we launched the Incursion Challenge League alongside Content Update 3.3.0. We initially ran into an issue with our login queue where only some users could log in, but we had it fixed and the realm operational within 20 minutes of launch. For fairness to the vast majority of users who would have been 20 minutes behind in the crucial period of the ladder rush, we restarted the Incursion Leagues. Since that point, everything has run smoothly and we set a new day-one player concurrency record (at 140,870 simultaneous users). We hope you enjoy playing Incursion as much as we enjoyed creating it. See you in Wraeclast!
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cool. thx :)
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first page? Anyway... good work!
Awesome ! The content is awesome! Awesome!
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Keep on going!
140k nice. I thought it was def over 100k
Evasion Lolipower
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Pretty bored of this single-player leagues lately, now even memory frags and incursion is just me as me as me = online game for single player so you cant play hc properly because you will die in some server lag even you are playing it solo...
No one else can progress with Zana quest except map owner (memory frags), no one else then map owner can progress (upgrade) with incursion temple,.... real deal ... better will play again Grim Dawn if it is everything what you get from PoE = single player.

Sorry I love to play online games with ppl not solo and PoE is lattely with dif and content = SOLO.
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Cool. Please consider adding the pyramid to the game permanently, and not just as a league.
i hought success = when leagu starts when planned. not after 30 min of fighting with queue. but w/e.
Thanks !

Appreciate the Fair Reset, Good Call.

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