[3.3] Cast on Crit Discharge with Cospri's | Shaper/Guardian Viable | Fast Clear | Quite Expensive


Hi, thanks for sharing this awesome build.

I got inspired once I had the 40% discharge dmg enchant on my konjas and found this amazing post of yours.

Just sharing my charcter it's almost finished and I'd like to hear from you if I could do any better, also I was wondering and testing using White Wind or some good daggers as offhand, what are your thoughts overall?

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Oh, and I was also trying to use a 15% increased Cyclone attack speed Devoto's, which I feel rly good while doing it. However I saw on my pathofbuilding that Konjas is still best in spot...oh and one more thing, the Firestorm in chest is triggered from Cyclone as well as Discharge is, so I assume the Crit Strikes from Firestorm doesn't trigger Discharge because it's a spell, am I wrong? So I wanted to throw a Crit Dmg gem instead of Firestorm..or perhaps Elemental Damage?

One more thing, I have another thought about the ssocketed gems in Cospri's, since our main dmg comes from Chest Discharge, I find reasonable to make the following: Discharge + Life Leech Support (more life leech) + Cold Snap (frenzy charges and chill). Without Discharge you will need to spin your cyclone to kill stuff because I've tried Cold Snap only along with Life Leech and Power Charge on Critical Strike jewels and it's kinda meh.
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Ok I've spent my hole day thinking on this hahaha listen, I think I got it, made the Discharge from Cospri to leech life and mana with both leech gems on it, got crit dmg on main chest Discharge and got rid of Warlord's Mark to get HoI + CoH + Assassin's Mark + Ice Bite.
I like this so far...
Today I've realized the way you said is the best...^^
I can't keep him alive, i need more reg life or some kind of leech, can you help me out?
has anyone made a passive tree for the build yet as i never got to finish the build in incursion but ive made a place holder tree and am unsure if it needs to be improved has anyone also tested if insanity gloves are still worth while or just some high life res gloves here is a pob paste bin dont mind some of the gear on the char as i said never got to finish it


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