[3.3] Cast on Crit Discharge with Cospri's | Shaper/Guardian Viable | Fast Clear | Quite Expensive

Discharge is still fast and fun. It still blasts full screens of monsters into oblivion. It is still easily capable of killing Guardian/Shaper and clearing T16 maps. The only major downside of it is the price in Exalts you will have to pay. If you do have some currency to spare, there is no reason not to indulge!

I dug up my 3.1 and 3.2 Dischargers and it turns out the characters still work extremely well. I will get some currency in 3.3 and experiment with the build more, updating the thread as we go forward with the league. PoB and Discharge do not go together very well so I will just use the videos to showcase Shaper/Guardian/map clears.

I talk about all the stuff listed here in detail in my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gG85ET-SD0

- Extremely fun to play with the good old vibes of discharging across maps and clearing full screens of monsters within split second;
- Good and reliable clear;
- Relatively durable; 7k'ish life if you plan on being more defensive, 6k'ish life if you're going to play on the risky side;
- Can do Shaper/Elder/Guardians easily;
- Extremely mobile (uses shield charge).

- Very expensive to build;
- There are better, stronger, cheaper builds out there;
- But they don't Discharge, do they?

Link to the tree:



Focus on Attack Speed/Cold Damage for Spells

Max out dexterity for Cospri's. Get the enchant that makes you not consume charges on discharge sometimes

Compulsory 6l, +1 gem level makes you much stronger but you can kill Shaper without it easily. Use max level cyclone, I'm stupid. Thanks @Mecielle -_-

This is where huge amounts of currency can get you some amazing improvements. If you have some money, the following will most definitely help you out:
In Incursion you can get +2 AoE gems/+1 to all gems. Level 24 Discharge is awesome.
You can try replacing Firestorm with a lvl 4 Empower as well. This is another huge dps boost.

Makes you hit all the time so that you proc discharge with Shield Charge and Cyclone all the time.

Inya's help to max out on Power Charges from Assassin ascendancy tree. Use Inya's.

Devotion for increased DPS and survivability from the Endurance Charges you generate now every time you discharge. Makes your Discharge funplosions too!

Cyclone hits are cold damage (because it's a physical attack using a cold dmg weapon), this procs Elemental Equilibrium! Make sure you DON'T get any other (non-cold) ele damage on rings/amulet/abyss jewels.
Use Rings to cap the resistances and get some crit chance going for you. Belt should be defensive too (my one is Abyss Elder belt which is not available anymore, anything with high life/resistances should do):

Essence of Instanity gloves help a ton with the speed of Shield Charge that you socket therein.


As linked in the items. Swap weapon/armor Increased AoE to Conc. Effect for boss fights.

Warlord's Mark is OBLIGATORY for mana sustain and also means that we can't run Hexproof maps.

We run Haste and Vaal haste and CWDT Immortal Call.


Vinktar is still exremely good for dealing with more durable opponents. Remember to bring shock resistance along!

Carry some situational flasks too (especially curse removal).


- Crit Multi for Spells/lighting/cold/fire
- Life
- Increased Damage/Spell Damage
- You might need to use jewels to cap the resistances.

Use Haste + Watcher's Eye that provides Onslaught on Kill when Haste is on. Onslaught is awesome.

Use Intuitive Leap to snag Endurance and Overcharge.[/b]

Pantheon and bandits:

I killed all since the build is kind of starved on skill points and you want the jewel slots for crit multi (a jewel can give you up to 50'ish percent easily.

You can kill Alira too, should help out with the resists most importantly but if you aim high, the extra jewel slot you get should net you much more in the end. I ended up choking on the resists (mostly due to Wise Oak though), so up to you.

Soul of Solaris since the only thing that was consistently killing me were the bosses. Soul of Lunaris works super well in Incursion though against the constructs. Sometimes you even don't die to offscreen hits.
Soul of Ryslatha is my faviourite minor and has great flask sustain, the upgrade is pretty rad when you have instaheal flasks (Panicked).

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Your skilltree link is completely bugged, can you edit it?

broken for me too
I work during the weekends, couldn't get to it sooner than now. Tree is back up guys!
why did you choose firestorm?
filmic wrote:
why did you choose firestorm?

It hits and crits a ton and generates charges this way. More explosions basically.
What Pantheons did you take? im wanting to get them to level 3
Soul of Solaris since the only thing that was consistently killing me were the bosses.
Soul of Ryslatha for flask sustain, the upgrade is pretty rad when you have instaheal flasks (Panicked).
bandits? alira?
I did all for the skill points since I wanted to get the jewel slots as a priority. Alira or kill all are the good options I believe.

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