Announcing Path of Exile: Incursion

Xzah wrote:
Why upgrade from previous transactions isn't available? :( (Incursion supporter packs only)

Hey there, I have sent you a PM regarding this now.
hype! but seriously go over those traps again please, 8 secs is way to much :(
I love the concept ! Hyped to play this league !
Do NOT like the 'speed clear meta', but I hope it will be good. If its too speed focused, it will just be a feature for the streamers and hardcore.
LMAO, the conquest supporter pack's portal looks like barber shop's doors
So the idea is travel to the past, with a conqueror costume, in order to steal valuable items from Central America temples meanwhile you kill most of the population?

Are you insane? What is next? Travel to the past, with a german costume, and kill jewish and black people in order to get valuable items and currency?

Yeah, GL with that GGG.
Back to standard. I hate everything about this except the vaal setting.
Are you running an Alpha test for 3.3.0?
Yes, we will be, after the contents are announced next month. Please don't apply for Alpha access based on reading this - it doesn't work like that.

The announcement was over, when will the alpha test be?
This expac looks like it will be a lot better than the last one.
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Jawsome1 wrote:
This expac looks like it will be a lot better than the last one.

Ya but thats a historically low bar, they could just post a link to 8 bit space invaders on the Atari from 1982 and it would be better then the last league.

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