Bestiary as a Core Game Mechanic

Good call, IMO. I liked Bestiary enough, some elements of it at least, but i'm happy it's not gonna be in the core game in its entirety.

However, hopefully, some of the more useful receipts make it into the game in the future, perhaps via master-crafting rework, oh, and if at all possible, bring back bestiary monster modifiers, i'll actually miss those :D.
well, since you wont implement bestiary I hope at least you'll find some other way to give us the uniques + boss fights and more crafting in the future...
Hopefully GGG will stop abandoning leagues after 4.0.0 is released
Please don't ever add it, it was a unique learning experience for you guys, keep it at that.
"Your grandchildren will awaken screaming in memory of what I utter today!"
- Path of Exile, Legacy Whispers of Doom Keystone
I am not happy :(

As main league content its not so great, but mechanics is amazing.
And haters can skip it and just kill stuff mindlesly ..

Really enjoying it now in flashback

btw: Flashback is fun as it is now, why it cant be as "core" game? maybe 50% nerfed that extra stuff, but as it is now

Harbinger was amazing but u over nerfed orb drops .... I did harbinger chalenge (kill 50 harbingers) like 3 times over and got ONLY 1 HARBINGER ORB, means if its not from fortune, its 50*6 - 300c for 1 harb orb ...

THAT SUCKS and its not fun

I want play FUN game (what flashback + bestiary is now) and not trade game, where I realy need to trade to get chaos .. to have hope to touch fun content and finish chalenge ...
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Path of Exile is addicting for both looting and monster slaying. The satisfaction of slaying large group of monsters from pack to pack quickly and efficiently for loot is unmatchable. Catching beasts slows down such joy.

One of the biggest headache for Path of Exile players is the complexity of crafting. Plenty of people already give up crafting, instead buying items straight. The addiction of "orbs gambling" does not apply to those players. Now, beast crafting only adds more complexity and likely more headache.

Bestiary league is very innovating, however. It surely is precious experience for you, GGG.

I am always excited about the future of Path of Exile. :)

I was hoping you'd keep the Aspect Crafting at least. I really enjoyed this league, I just found the challenges were too tied to RNG.

Thanks for creating something so wonderful; even though it ended up being temporary, no one will forget those Stupid Beasts :)
edit: im dumb
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Really disappointed. I liked beastiary a lot. Made map diversity better because of valuable beasts.
. Disappointed in the community for refusing to engage in this fantastic leauge. 100% should go core.
Im happy that bestiaryshit not go into the core game
Orca_Orcinus wrote:

I know Chris wants a niche game...I truly don'y understand that mentality, and wasting resources to make the game obtuse, convoluted...

so you dont understand something (like a niche or convoluted game that may require time investment) and then you say it's "antithetical to a fun and engaging game experience". lol. just because you dont understand something doesnt mean it should not exist.

have you ever looked at dwarf fortress, for example ? or 90s games ? using your logic, 90s games are all 'antiethical'. I mean, do you even know what 'ethical' means ?

if anything, switching from their core audience audience to the wider audience demands, is more 'antiethical' than anything youve mentioned. and its still not really 'antiethical', its just selling out. it happens.

there is nothing 'antiethical' in you liking a game stroking your scrotum every second while you chew on popcorn, and me liking a game that bends me over and keeps me engaged for thousands of hours while not giving me any food or comfort.

it just says we like different things.

to even make a claim of a niche game being 'antiethical', you better have a good experience in gaming. meaning, actually have played games at least of early 90s

which I doubt you even have, because people who do, do know better than to make that preposterous of a statement.

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