What to Expect From Content Update 3.3.0

Cool Cool
Please reply to your whispers for items... Even if you are mapping, in a rotation, in uber lab, or if its sold. Thank you. :D
Hey GGG, I thought beastiary was very fun. Keep up the great work.
IGN: Arlianth
Check out my LA build: 1782214
Can't wait to find out what the expansion will be called!
Why not fix 15th Memory Fragment RNG today instead of hoping some future June promises will prevent people from quitting?
please include bestiary in standard game pretty please!!! lol
killing monsters, gaining experience and earning items in every area you enter. We'll talk more about this league when it's being announced next month. If you enjoyed leagues that involved a lot of monster-killing like Ambush and Breach, you'll certainly enjoy this one.


lol now i will just have to wait for this nightmare league to end
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much telling that you explicit need to tell that you are doing alpha testing (and until now its completly irrelevant).
hope you will atleast adress the 15th fragment / uber elder rng thing and come up with something that is close to be called a design decision since the actuall solution is everything else but anything related to design.
hey thats cool , just i hope you fix legacy armour set bug for 3.3 , i want to use my mtx in next league :(


crazy idea for a skill rework.
what if Animate guardian, was also tagged. "golem"
Feel free to disable all Bestiary features rather than polishing that poop.

Speaking of Bestiary, I believe I will hold off on opening up the wallet this time around as I no longer trust GGG's ability to conceive, design, build and test new functionality. Perhaps a couple weeks into the next league and we'll see about a bit of funding.

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