What to Expect From Content Update 3.3.0

Chris wrote:
It's our belief that every Path of Exile release needs a really compelling and rewarding league, alongside enough skill and metagame changes to have many exciting builds for you to look forward to experiencing that content with.

This is the MOST important, in my opinion.

Honestly, it could be THE most compelling/rewarding League, but if there isn't any exciting new builds I can play in it.. I don't really bother playing, and just quit within a week or two. :/

(To put it in perspective.. I LOVED Breach, but I still quit within weeks, because I was bored of playing the same builds as prior Leagues.)
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Please dont include bestiary in the main game, we have already prophecy as crap content that should've been dumped but didnt.

Show me you're actually capable of accepting that some of the stuff you put out is not good enough for the game. Bin it and move on.

After all thats what creative work is. Music bands put out 20-30 songs to make a 12 song album. I'm sure painters dump a lot of their stuff too.

I'm so expecting you to be prideful and stubborn as usual though. You're going to try hard to make a bad idea work and waste a ****ton of resources in the process, resources that could've been used on creating some better content instead.

You can try to polish poop all you want, it's still going to be poop.
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Breach like in terms of monsters, bring back the xp lost from all bestiary monsters, pokemon is over yeah :D
I hope you wont completely ruin the game with this one.

It's getting worse and worse with each update, pls GGG, bring back the old PoE.
make a pet to get the orbs on the maps

to be stopped my map race to stay picking currency orbs on the map is tiring, no need to pick up the items, only the currency orbs are good. have already made several useless pets, put one in the game that does something useful
Guys a F#ckin auction house or something like that would be the greatest upgrade for the game.Trade is a pain in the ass for players,80% dont answers or doesent cares.Wtf we need to face each other for a trade make an ingame auction house and ppl will be hapy.I support the game and i will because its awsome,just pls make that goddam trade easyer.
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New Acts ? =)) I hope its new landscape content or Iland maybe "Act 11-12 areas new bosses new "Set items like we saw in diablo2 ? =)
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