Uber Elder /Shaper/Uber Atziri service

friendly player , great and fast service took like 4-5 mins . thank you <3

Friendly fellow, fast service, thanks again!
Prices have been updated.

Watcher's Eye fee has been reduced from 2 ex to 1 ex

Voidforge is now free
Was looking for a reliable Uber elder service and found this one. Very good service, enter the last second and only have to pay if a watcher's drops (I had no luck).

Thanks for the service and would recommend!

PS tips were much appreciated!!
It's very good, so fast, i like it!!!!!!!!!!
Although no drops, haha
10/10 would recommend them for uber elder carry!!!
2019 and still no PC that can handle the fight so I called "LordWaldmore" again and it was a pleasure as always. Fast, reliable and friendly - I rate 10/10!
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very fast and smooth, 10/10 would book again :-)
best service ever. very fast :)

ps. more tips for that man!
Finally found the thread. Thank you for the runthe other night. Still owe you the fee😊
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