Uber Elder /Shaper/Uber Atziri service

Reasons you should choose our service:

Completed 1500+ uber elder kills, 100% success rate
Very fair fee. You don't have to pay us anything unless you get a valuable drop (Watcher's eye).
*fee below

Please message one of the following four people for service in order of preference:

For those of you in EU timezone, you can contact:
1. LordWaldmore
2. Incurstee

Fee: Watcher's eye {1 ex}, all other drops {free}
*we always welcome tips if you get a very GG jewel :)*

We operate primarily in North American time zones, so if you need service when we are offline/asleep, please send me a forum PM and we can schedule a time suitable for us to provide service.

Feel free to message me in game, on forums, or to add me if I'm offline
IGN: PrurientPat

If I am not online, you can try to contact the following:
IGN: Beast_of_Burdon


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did my uber elder very fast thanks

Ty for carry, very quick stream set up and kill

Done deathless, builds work together too well
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super fast excellent service bro you rock deathless and sweet and you carried me highly recommended for everyone Cheers.

Cleared uber elder deathless for me. Thanks!

Message me in game @SleepyPulse

Great Service! Even let me join in for the final kill! These guys are amazing! 100% VOUCH! WOOT WOOT!
Adam Gross

good service best ever ^^

2nd used so great service !

100% legit. quick and clean.

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