Uber Elder /Shaper/Uber Atziri service

I've known yardie for a long time. Great team, gets the job done. I waited outside the uber elder area and they did it deathless.

Main characters: Deep_water - AnomaIy - Artica
Build guides: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1602863
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gg service

They (Phrasing) me to corrupt the ring, here's the results:


WTS for 20 ex.

PM me at KerbyWithWands
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Deathless and amazing fast service . ty
Cleared uber elder deathless for me.mark of elder ring drop. Thanks!and again another uber elder    Indigon, Hubris Circlet
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3rd used so great service !

and He failed first attack and gave me 10ex lol
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great job on the carry was fast and deathless saved my set thanks again bro! mark of the elder ring dropped very nice and free also! cant beat that small fee if good drop but otherwise free you gotta check these guys out!!
Quick and painless service. Very friendly. I will definitely use the service again until I am able to complete it on my own. Thanks again.

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Fast, deathless, friendly and honest. Great service x 2. Thanks!

Got Mark of the Elder Ring and Disintegrator Staff.
Two completed runs. Very satisfied customer

What serv you on
I am him and he is I.
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