3.2.0 Hotfix 7 Notes

Just wanted to pop in to say that the fixes for CPU usage solved my issues! Thanks :D
Spectral shield throw attack speed nodes while doing a shield dont work. Matter infact nothing works with it that can scale it
Redbeaks innate damage buff doesn't work / doesnt SHOW it working in the tool-tips DPS for Spectral Shield Throw. I'm not touching the skill until all of these issues with compatibility and said skill are fixed.
"Break the Chains of Fate that Bind you."
Fixed a bug that caused increased CPU usage.

I already had high CPU high usage problems with Lightroom and BF1, and when I had problems with POE too, I thought my cpu was going bad. So I overclocked it out of frustration.

Thanks, I guess.
CPU is also crazy operation
Still need a fix for the game leaking memory. It's been horrible since 3.0.

There's no reason the game should be asking for more than 8 gigs, let alone 4 or 5. It's not like the game is rendering giant battlefields in 3rd / first person requiring huge draw distances and loading of assets. It should be able to intelligently replace old zone assets with new ones as you progress into each map area ( there are loading screens for a reason, right? ); where as it seems like it's trying to save it all during the entire client runtime.

It makes it absolutely impossible to run the game itself without hickups starting to show up after a while, and this becomes exasperated if you try to have a browser up ( like listening to podcasts / searching Poe.Trade / Etc. ); and all of a sudden the computer is caching files like crazy.

It's a blessing and a curse that I have my cache drive on a standard HDD instead of an SSD, because otherwise my drives would die within a month of playtime.
Is there a way to diagnose what normal CPU usage is supposed to be? Something still feels off to me. I'm getting frames dropped because my CPU will randomly hit 99% total usage with PoE running -- sometimes in maps but sometimes just being in town with other players milling about.

Just standing my empty hideout I'm seeing 60-70% usage from PoE. I don't remember it acting like this before v3.2; I want to say I never really saw it above 50% or so. If I disable multithreading then usage goes way down but so do my frame rates, so that doesn't seem to be much of a viable option.
Im still getting exstreamly high, constant cpu usage around 70-100%, mostly around 70-85%. Enabling multithreading helps, but makes the game not enjoyable. Why's it not fixed for me?

Geforece 1070
Intel I7 4770k 3,5Ghz
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