3.2.0 Hotfix 7 Notes

But GGG messed up GPU usage aswell. For example i play on 1440p 144fps cap max settings but my gpu usage never goes above 30%. Sometimes my fps drops below 144fps but gpu usage will not increase
Vilenta boss fight fix, yes! Thank you so much GGG.
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The performance is still crap. Herky jerky stuttering, the fps is erratic, the latency is erratic. I'm still getting random spikes on the CPU, although not nearly as problematic as before.

Enabling multi-thread is just terrible.

This content patched screwed up the game. Maybe you guys ought to focus a wee bit more on optimization rather than pumping out content so often.

The game performance feels like it's back in the beta state again.

Or, maybe stop attempting to crypto mine on our computers would ya? Seriously, what are we to think when other games run smooth as silk and this game gets worse and worse over as time passes.
i used a 4 blue boots in the blood altar to get "at least three as different colours" and get 1r1g2b
this is right?
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Qarl wrote:
3.2.0 Hotfix 7 Notes
  • Fixed a bug that caused increased CPU usage.
  • Fixed a bug causing prophecies to not complete if you captured the prophecy monster.
  • Fixed a bug causing player names to not display on party members' portals.
  • Fixed display issues that occurred when re-entering the Fenumus, First of the Night boss fight.
  • Fixed a client crash that occurred when re-entering the Elder Guardian boss fights during the second or third phase.
  • Fixed a rare client crash that could occur on the login screen.
  • Fixed an instance crash that occurred in the Vilenta boss fight.
Fixed a bug that caused increased CPU usage.

CPU problem solved, thanks to the whole team for fixing quickly.

CPU usage after "3.2.0 Hotfix 7" (30/40% in the city)

i5-3570K "3.40GHz"
Win 7
I cant get the update..while its downloaded it's still on 'installing the patch' part...like for 10minutes.. on an ssd...dafuq?
Antigegner wrote:
scorching ray?

Still in the works, sorry!

thank you for the info Henry
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Thanks for fixing that CPU usage bug. If I had to go AFK for a few minutes to make a coffe etc. I was quiting the game as, even in the quietest part of my hideout with the Atlas screen up my 3GHz quad-core CPU was 'idling' at 50%.

It's back to idling in the high teens now (in a quiet place with Atlas screen up) so no need to quit the game when I have to go to the toilet any more.

Edit: Actually the game in idle mode is now using around 4% more CPU than pre-3.2.0. That's a lot better than over 20% more pre-hotfix 7.

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