Uniques only LLD

Any build involving a weapon swap is ok in my book. How many people have never or currently never use a weapon swap? Most. Weapon swap inherently lowers the spammability of a build. Overall a positive.

On a different note I'm taking my uniques only lvl 28 (DrDirt) into PVE content. So far in act 7. I only had to use 2 scours/wisdom to level back down a level. The xp penalty re level differential was much more effective than I anticipated. I'm wearing Abberath's hooves since they are part of my build anyway but haven't had to rely on them much. Non bosses are generally still melting pretty easily. It's been a very enjoyable progression. I recommend trying it out!

it's a HLD inner joke guys.
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Rupenus wrote:
it's a HLD inner joke guys.

Bring me evidence of this alledged HLD pvp community.
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uniques only lvl 28 currently at lunaris temple in act 8

Dropped hatred or haste and replaced with Purity of Elements once the res penalty applied

Swapped Abberath's hooves for Dusktoes in act 7 for the Maligaro fight and also to avoid people saying that only Abberath's let me keep progressing. It was a good change due to the fact that it freed up another 4L which I filled with Bladefall totem which has been invaluable.

Lastly swapped Asenath's gloves for Hrimsorrow gloves for a dps and cold res boost

The boss fights are becoming very difficult. Many deaths but alot of practice kiting and they are still going down.

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