Uniques only LLD

Any build involving a weapon swap is ok in my book. How many people have never or currently never use a weapon swap? Most. Weapon swap inherently lowers the spammability of a build. Overall a positive.

On a different note I'm taking my uniques only lvl 28 (DrDirt) into PVE content. So far in act 7. I only had to use 2 scours/wisdom to level back down a level. The xp penalty re level differential was much more effective than I anticipated. I'm wearing Abberath's hooves since they are part of my build anyway but haven't had to rely on them much. Non bosses are generally still melting pretty easily. It's been a very enjoyable progression. I recommend trying it out!

it's a HLD inner joke guys.
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Completed 2 ChallengesRupenus wrote:
it's a HLD inner joke guys.

Bring me evidence of this alledged HLD pvp community.
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uniques only lvl 28 currently at lunaris temple in act 8

Dropped hatred or haste and replaced with Purity of Elements once the res penalty applied

Swapped Abberath's hooves for Dusktoes in act 7 for the Maligaro fight and also to avoid people saying that only Abberath's let me keep progressing. It was a good change due to the fact that it freed up another 4L which I filled with Bladefall totem which has been invaluable.

Lastly swapped Asenath's gloves for Hrimsorrow gloves for a dps and cold res boost

The boss fights are becoming very difficult. Many deaths but alot of practice kiting and they are still going down.

Just entered act 9 and I'm starting another thread since the progression into pve content isn't really what this thread is about.

The new thread will be "Uniques only lld pve".

Again I highly recommend seeing how far you can get into the storyline with a lvl 28 uniques only toon. Its been a great way to test my build, adapt, and make changes along the way. I'm also getting to see more of the game, especially with mobs since it takes longer to kill stuff.

A few things to remember: you will have spend a few scouring orbs to get books of regression in order to level back down to 28. you won't be able to queue for lld if you go past act 4 (?) ever again.
K. well no one replying to this thread so I'll post a few more ideas re pvp in general.

ProjectPT has rejoined POE and is promoting "ethical hld and lld". check out his poe forum, reddit, and discord threads.

How to increase the desire of players for PVP is the main question isn't it? So some thoughts.
1)uniques only, 4L max... minimizes the gear gap, removes crafting, no need for 6L, etc. well we are already pushing that.

2)rewards. donated rewards have been done in the past which is great for new and some old players but overall not very targeted and limited mainly to the people that place near the top in the tourneys.

3)speaking of tourneys...i like tourneys but they are inherently a bit elitist and don't draw new players.

hopefully ProjectPT can succeed in drawing some new people into PVP. I wasn't planning on playing Incursion but will be now since he will be promoting ethical PVP only in the temp leagues.

How to draw new players? Well if I was a new player wanting to PVP I would want access to most of the gear that the existing players have. A nontradeable/nonsellable uniques only stash would go a long way to bring new players into POE PVP. To not "punish" the old players by just giving noobs all the same items, the stash could have some of the more desireable uniques left out. Maybe by earning PVP "points" they would gain another unique. Also there could be a nontradeable "pvp currency" that can be used to reroll bad rolls on the uniques only stash items.

Allow pvp toons an option for no xp gain. Then we could use them to do pve as well, as previously noted in this thread.

Any other ideas are welcome. . .

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