[3.2] ST/BF Dual Wield Poison Assasin (Guards, Shaper viable)/1,5M Shaper DPS/5.9k HP/Added Video

Slosh876 wrote:
Thoughts on Fenuus' Weave gloves for 15% increased damage taken, with a Chaos Impresence amulet, so we still have enough mana for Despair and grace?

Hey, i'm try this combination. It's really effective. Aspect slow mobs by 90% and It became much easier to play. And dps became much higher, yea.
Hi, I've did this as my League starter, but it wasn't "too ethical" as I got a Bisco's drop on LV40 and got 3EX to start off with. I've leveled with FB then ST-GMP ... (as the guide says) and right now I'm currently LV86 with 5.3K HP and 400ES (5.7K eHP) but I feel like my DPS isn't as high as yours. I think I've made decent jewel choices and such personally, and I've even went for Impresence(Chaos) amulet to get an additional Aura for added survivability. If you could maybe tell what I should improve on that would help a lot, I've spent like ~50chaos on average for the jewels I've right now, if anything I know for sure that I need to get my Elreon to LV7 and craft Added Chaos Damage to Attacks to my Rings, and possibly upgrade to a Steel Ring, but other than that, what else? Also maybe to improve my HP pool? I've a better rolled Starkonja's but I've to nail the ST enchant on it in order to use it. Thanks for reading this and awesome guide my dude!
Edit: Don't have any mana problems running Grace and Arctic Armour(since I've seen mana problems being mentioned).
Edit2: Managed to 6L my Dendrobate now.
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I am thinking of creating an Assassin Spectral Throw build with The Gull. (Then of course Ill switch it out for boss fights). Thanks for posting this.
Hi there!

I started out on this build as i have yet to reach the endgame on any charakter. I am set on managing it and i would love some advice on my current setup: https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/kunmads/characters - The assassin is called "BBYDDY" - I did not like ST so i am now all in blade flurry :)

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