[3.2] ST/BF Dual Wield Poison Assasin (Guards, Shaper viable)/1,5M Shaper DPS/5.9k HP/Added Video

Idea of this build based on Mathil's Wasp Nest Assasin 3.0. But i added big skill tree changes, and some gear changes to improve the survivability (from ~5.2k HP to ~5.9k HP) and make gameplay of this build some more comfortable. DPS also was improved from ~1,1M to ~1,5M with lvl 19 gems (thank you, Coralito's Signature).


Core Items


Best choice for almost every poison build, if not for all.

Free Perfect Agony (so we save a lot of tree points) and huge inc. poison duration during flask effect.

My gear 3.1

Gear Prices and some Info:

Body Armour:

6L: 5-6ex; 5L: ~50c (good rolls)

Helmet - 1c; with this enchant 50-90c. I got it for 30c.

I recommend this enchant for comfortable mapping. Also u can use 150% increased effect of buff granted by Ice Golem, mostly if u have problrm with accuracy.

Gloves - 60c. Try to find gloves with AS, int and at least 1 resist.

Boots - 50c. At least 25% ms and high life pool, as much as u can buy.

Main Hand - 1c

Off Hand - 50c. U can also use Wasp Nest in off hand to save currency. U will lose about 8-10% DPS.

Belt - i found it in abyss. Same on poe.trade cost about 70-90c. But u can buy same with 10 hp less and it will cost much cheaper.

Rings and Amulet:

Steel Ring - 120c.
Two-stone Ring - 40-60c.
Amulet - 40-50c.

Try to find accessories with physical damage and free prefix to craft chaos damage to attacks.


Sin's Rebirth - 150c
Atziri's Promise - 1c
Coralito's Signature - 20c

Jewels - all my jewels cost for me about 1ex. Entropy Solace was crafted by myself.

On jewels we need: Life (+ or %)/Damage Over Time/Poison Damage/Poison Duration/Chaos Damage/Attack Speed/Chaos Damage to Attacks/Physical Damage to Attacks/Increased Physical Damage

My tree:

lvl 90


40 points
75 points
100 points

Use frostblades at start and take claw nodes in tree first. In act 4 u will be able to take GMP support.

Use ST + GMP + Phys Projectile DMG + FA for 4L (for 5L + Added Chaos), swap GMP for Slower Projectiles vs bosses.

After 1st lab take Noxious Strike. Your chance to poison will be 70% (claw nodes + Toxic Strikes) or more if u use claw with chance to poison and basically u can use ST+GMP+Vile Toxins+Deadly Ailments (+ Unbound Ailments for 5L) Dont forget about Spell Totem + Wither and Blasphemy + Despair, also buy Coralito's Signature if u have currency.

If u feels bad with poison - wait 60 lvl for Wasp Nests and Dendrobate.

After 60 lvl u should feel yourself much more powerful.

If u have problems with INT, grab this nodes in tree earlier.

Also if u wont bother and feel yourself good with FB, u can use it till 60 lvl.

Bandit - help Alira.

Gems and Links:

Body armour:

For mapping:

ST - GMP - Added Chaos - Vile Toxins - Unbound Ailments - Deadly Ailments

For single target:

BF - Void Manipulation - Added Chaos - Vile Toxins - Unbound Ailments - Deadly Ailments

For 5L dont use Deadly Ailments.


Blasphemy - Despair - Grace - Enlighten


Spell Totem - Wither - Faster Casting - Inc. Duration


Whirling Blades - Fortify - Faster Attacks - Blood Magic

Main Hand:

Vaal Grace - Vaal Haste - Inc. Duration

Off Hand:

Enduring Cry - CWDT - Immortal Call

Its just my choice, without Immortall Call i has been slain when i was mapping too often. With this setup i feel myself much better. U can also use Inc. Duration if u dont like Enduring Cry. If u dont need Immortal Call u can use Blood Rage and maybe some other gem to increase ur DPS.

About Maps and Bosses:

At this moment i still didnt end all atlas with this build. But i ended randomly all tiers of maps from T1 to T16.

All guards were deathless except Phoenix, but it is not character problems. My lowest ping is 85, but most of the time it jumps from 100 to 120. So sometimes when i use my movement skill very often, the game return me back and i already dead (maybe ill add video and u will see this).

This problem with my lack of expirience vs shaper didnt allow me to kill him. I tried shaper just 1 time with this character, if ill got some practice, i think ill finally kill this old shit xD
I just wanted to say, if u at least have good connection, u will end all atlas without tryhard, expect HotG.

Budget friendly?


!!!Best budget option is Wasp Nest in main hand and Death's Hand in off hand (free Unholy Might).!!!

Thanks a lot to Tasteey for advice.

On 5L with budget accessorities, Wasp Nest and Death's Hand, without Sin's Rebirth u can end up to T15 maps, cos with this gear bosses under T16 died too fast, if they have just 1 stage. And while u do this u can farm enough currency to upgrade ur gear.

Always keep up Wither totem in boss fights. Without him u will lost a lot of damage!

Defence/Offence/PoB link

As u can see, i have not the best dps on weapons and half of my jewels are useless. So DPS can be some higher if u have a lot of currency.

Also u can change skill tree if u dont need so much HP for comfortable gameplay and get not bad DPS boost.



T15 Basilica (76% more monster life)
T16 Minotaur Fight (use 1080p, others qualities are freezing)

That's all. Thank you for reading. Feel free to ask me if u have problems. And sorry for my broken ENG, its not my main language.

My other build:

[3.2]Pure Fire BLADE VORTEX Chieftain
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Probably good for this build

Why no tombfist?
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kompaniet wrote:
Probably good for this build

Why no tombfist?

Chaos Imresence cost 3-4ex and u will lost some DPS vs rare good amulet. With free despair u can use 1 more aura to buff urself (Arctic Armour, Haste or Purity of Elements). For using both of grace and haste u need Enlighten lvl 4, but i thnk 12% unreserved mana too low for ST. So last way to get DPS higher with Impresence is Purity of Elements. U can get rings with better attack stats and with PoE u will compensate lack of resists. But do we really need all of this for this price? Also dont forget we need to keep Int over 150.

Tombfist is good but not cheap option (2ex). If u are ok with Int, and 2 sockets on gloves enough for u, it can give u 90-120k DPS and 90-140 life.
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bandits kill all?
mchubkov wrote:
bandits kill all?

Alira - crit multi, mana regen and resists. But if u have enough resists, kill all is not a bad idea.

p.s. added bandit info in build, thank you.
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Hi, you could add a video to see mechanics. thank you very much
MuyCanalla wrote:
Hi, you could add a video to see mechanics. thank you very much

Sure, I'll update this thread with videos but after 26-27 Feb. I'm not at home at this moment.
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Added T15 Basilica video.
What if I'll have problems with dropping/buying build's unique items during early season speedrunning?
black8knight wrote:
What if I'll have problems with dropping/buying build's unique items during early season speedrunning?

I dont think this build is good as league starter. Get some currency with other build, then try to create this. U can easy earn 100-200c just on selling sextants, jeweller's and chromatic orbs (from G-B-R sockets items and from items just with 6 sockets), offering to the goddess. Also u can get good drops on mapping, get lucky with chance to link 6S armour/weapon. This is enough to start this build. Good luck!

p.s. with using two wasp nests, two-stone ring like in this build in both slots, 6L corrupted armour with true colours it is not so expensive and more than enough to clear atlas till T15 + Assasin will get nice buff in 3.2 patch so with budget gear DPS should be not bad.
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