[3.7] LL RF Scorching Ray Guardian | 19K ES | 52k Armour|1.5 mil dps| Uber Elder & HoGM DEATHLESS

I have the same problem as TheLastWanderer, I have decent gear (character LeShaperHasArrived if you want to see) but I'm barely over 10k too, I can't tell what to upgrade... :(
Up to 13.5K ES...still tweaking a few things....I like what Lagrossesimone did on his tree!

Best build to drink beer and play with...
-Time to be funny. The world needs funny right now! Warning: "Might" get you muted.

25 Exalts...oh God my stupidity stuck! Now onto 25 Divines...
How is this build in 3.9? Still just as viable?
How is this build in 3.9? Still just as viable?

Works very good, im 84 tanking all content without problem

build is a little bit more expensive (some elder/shaper itens and mods have increased this price)

Nothing to worry

I am trying this build. Can someone explain me why we need cold or lightning damage to attacks on ring to proc EE?
Storm Brand or Orb of Storms already proc it right? Or am I missing something?
hey build looks fun im running it now is no1 finding the story progression on it so slow to kill boss's? lvl45 atm
blaqist wrote:
i would like to ask any recommended anoint for amulet this league?

i think this is the best rf build i tried out, and its the farthest i ever got.


♪ ♫ . M u s i c I s T h e A n s w e r . ♫
RNG = Common taboo affect video game players who believe in "fortune" instead of Decimal fraction.
Do you like the new League? No ty, I dont like "Survival" games! (STD best league ever)
Is 6ex enough to get into red maps ? I'm planning to try this build
Hello guys, trying this build atm, my gear:

next on my upgrade list are the boots and maybe one ring.
Also I got a sick timeless jewel with:
-10% fortify effect on might
-10% faster ignites on agility
1% regen on unnatural calm
20% armour on Holy fire.
Atm im lvl 83 so I am missing a lot of points.
Also havent done Uber ascent and the pantheon.

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Any chance this will be updated to 3.10 with new jewels?

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