[3.4] KissMeQuick's Gladiator Reave || Beginner Friendly || 101% IIQ 347% IIR MF || HC & Uber Elder

ratzel wrote:

what is this elder gem? Does it refer to the watchers eye? If so whats up with that? It costs like 15-20 ex yet gives us jsut 5-6% life and 1,xx critchance. thats not rly much. Sorry i rly dont get it ^^'

I think he's talking about Watcher's eye with (25-40)% of Physical Damage Converted to Cold Damage while affected by Hatred.
My current build, with pleasure I will listen to your opinion and advice.

Completed 8 Challengespoojis wrote:
First impressions:
1) Low life roll on rings and abyss jewels.
2) abyssus hits harder since not much armor mitigation. Plus missing 15% phy dam reduction from flask
3) Sword on the wrong hand, should be left to generate endurance charges
4) Shield not useful to use any of the dual wield passives from the tree, should be a stat tick weapon such as axe, mace or sceptre
5) also dont see life leech anywhere on weapons or tree. You should be leeching around 1000 life for 5k health

Thank you for advice.
I'm getting close to lvl 90 with this build, and it's a lot of fun, but I want to go for 36 challenges this league, and kill uber elder for the first time. Guardians and shaper is still hard, but I can invest more into gear (would need multiple exalts). Should I continue with this build, or maybe go for a better late game build?

So far i'm really enjoying this build. It's tanky, but also super interactive.

This is what i'm currently running for mapping and delving at lvl 92.
I swapped out enfeeble for Assassin's mark as it makes mapping a lot faster, but will use enfeeble on the big fights and probably find a way to use Kaom's Roots against uber elder without losing too much in my resistances.
Also need to run some uber labs for better enchants.

Anything i should swap out here?
Completed 25 ChallengesVladmade wrote:
My current build, with pleasure I will listen to your opinion and advice.

How much did you pay for the main hand and offhand weapons?
Completed 11 ChallengesSagara2001 wrote:
How much did you pay for the main hand and offhand weapons?

Sword - 12.9 ex (i think its lucky price).
Mace - crafted by myself, i think i have spent ~30-40c

Just right now on poe.trade u can buy sword a bit better than my for 16ex. This guy - nguyennhuphuc, crafting good swords.
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How build works as t16 elder maps mf farmer? Is this reasonable choice?
I am kind of hitting a wall at t4-5 maps, I just picked up the necklace and the stat stick which helped push me that far, but any other advice?

Total budget is still pretty limited, only about 60c total, not sure what i can really do with that, or what my best options are.

This for writing this guide. I have a question about the level of gem, Enfeeble and Vaal Cold Snap. You stated that Enfeeble Level 5 and Vaal Cold Snap at Level 7...so we shall stop the level of these gems at level 5 and 7?


Cast When Damage Taken level 1 - Immortal call level 3 - Enfeeble level 5 - Vaal Cold Snap level 7

Cast When Damage Taken level 1 - Immortal Call spams us with physical damage immunity. Enfeeble curses enemies to do a lot less. Cold snap chill enemies, making them attack and move 30% slower. This setup gives you massive defensive bonuses.

Vaal Cold Snap This freezes / chills everyone close to you AND while you have an enemy close to you, you gain a frenzy charge each second. This is socketed in Cast When Damage Taken. It does not use the Vaal version when you take damage, but it does can be used normally.

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