[3.2 updated!] Crit Storm Call Inquisitor, Spell Cascade, all content doable

Doh! try now :) sorry bout that.
What if I have No Idea what Pastebin IS or how to Use it?!
Completed 1 ChallengeOniaka333 wrote:
What if I have No Idea what Pastebin IS or how to Use it?!

Download Path of building: https://github.com/Openarl/PathOfBuilding/releases

It's an offline skill tree planner with all functions show like dps, mana reservation, a really powerful tool.
You start it, click "new" (unless you're starting directly at the tree) and click import/export build.

Copy the pastebin URL and enter it in "import from pastebin". voila
im having a real hard time surviving with this build, just got the elder jewel and the sustain isn't like it was with warlords mark and blashpemy. Am i missing something or do i need to be that more careful?

Really nice build, i did uber atz in abyss league quite fast and smoothly.

Really nice build, i did uber atz in abyss league quite fast and smoothly.

nicely done! I didn't do uber atziri with storm call, because of the mirror one in the split phase :D

Completed 19 ChallengesIntangble wrote:
Another follow up q - and only if you have the time/desire. Can you take a look at my lvl 76 dude (clizzity) and let me know the upgrades? in my mind i want to save for inpulsa 6l, but should i look at other upgrades first?

Really appreciate it. i got about 35 chaos right now, so still need real currency for good upgrades.

i do have a Kaoms in my stash, i can remove my boots and use those - i just would be down to 59% fire res, 75 on others.

thanks again!!!

Hey, I checked your char, you can respec two skill points between witch and shadow and get some crit nodes (at witch) or jewel nodes. overall your gear looks good. For damage the biggest upgrade would be a 6l and a choir of storms. I would also try to upgrade the gear with more life, you're missing quite a chunk of life. >90 life per rare item is ideal. the abyssal jewel also could be changed, needs damage and life and multi. all the small upgrades stack to make a huge difference ;) gl!
Thanks a TON man!!!! Will look at the nodes when i get a chance - seriously appreciate the look. REally fun build!
Still leveling through the game...but I hit walls everywhere.
I can do maps T1 (Beach is easy, lookup not so easy ) but T2 is a nogo , I didn't succeed to kill the boss.

I tried to farm the lab, Cruel is easy, Merciless is a nogo...

So I don't know what to do/to farm to get currencies or better piece of gear.

If you have some hints I appreciate.

thanks again for your precious help.
Overall your gear is terrible! get some gear with flat life (>60 at least, resis too). I recommend you to use tabula rasa instead of a 5l. It will give you more damage. and get essence worm. Also buy some dagger/sceptre with spell/elemental damage and a shield with both life and lightning/spell damage. Your gear needs a complete overhaul. You need different flasks, check mine (instead of a silver flask go for the mana flask).

I assume you're a new player to the game. I recommend the series from engineering eternity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEZtq6FSebE&list=PL7GqFLebBU8inlrcqTZFXtIwP362XrdNe

So you have some basic knowledge which you can apply to almost every build in future.
I do know its bad, and you are correct on the fact that i'm new to PoE , and I didn't know what to look for when dropping new gears.

So I try to find some new weapon and shield having life and lightning damage. Alors fortuanatly I already had the Tabula Rasa.

I succeed on clearing maps T2 and T3 , will see if can drop some choas to buy new stuff.

i'll check the video you linked, thx.

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