3.1.1d Patch Notes

Completed 3 ChallengesYgidua wrote:
This patch fixed the client crashes for me. Not sure what you did, but I have not crashed since then in the past 24 hours.

I still DC a lot in the evening hours, when changing maps.

I consider the Client crashes now as fixed with this patch. Still no crash after playing several hours for two days.
i'm having crashes every 1 or 2 hours since this patch hope you can fix it soon

edit: now having crashed every 1 hour or 35 min
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U were telling that u will fix mines detonation on run - when?:(
Crashing a lot on this patch .... I even reinstall my OS, then the game and i still have frequent crashes every 15 mins ... PC : FX-8300 , rx480 , 16gb ram
am running an moderate AMD with old AMD 2GB video.

i play for an hour or so at a time and don't crash.

what am i doing wrong?
I'm having crashes all the time. Keep getting pathofexile_x64.ex has stopped working.
After reinstalling PoE on W10, and installing new driver's for my GTX 1080 it's not crashing anymore, however in game lag is horrible even at the lowest settings. I'm having serious performance issues. I do not play using steam. Anyone else having issues?
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It is pointless to keep saying this over and over. POE knows we are having problems but they are making tons of money so go fig.

I took a six month break and nothing has changed NOTHING!
MFairfax wrote:
I took a six month break and nothing has changed NOTHING!

Of course it did. Now you will get instance/client crash much more often than you ever could.

Since 2013, this is the first time I've started regretting all the money I invested into this game.

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