3.1.1d Patch Notes

I am having a problem updating this patch. MY patch wont move past the checking resources part please help.
still no fix for eradciator crashes and his insane overtunement?
2.4 gigs for this? This is some fishy business and ofc the Steam Client is acting like it's 20.4 gb
Still has not resolved the Error 2147024882 which prevents me from playing the game and has ever since the original 3.1.1 patch.
Let's kill things and take their stuff!
Detonate mines bug has been forgoten
Still waiting for the detonate mines fix mentioned in the what we're working on.
Fix Twilight Temple map plz
Another update? I just finished downloading the last 2.4GB "fix". With my rural 1.5 meg connection, that took 9 hours. Have you ever considered testing before you roll out an update? Get your shit together!
Chris wrote:
3.1.1d Patch Notes
  • Fixed a source of desync in the Eradicator fight
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the boss fight of a Twinned Core Map to not work.
  • Abysses have been disabled from appearing in the Apex of Sacrifice and the Alluring Abyss to prevent a common instance crash.
  • Fixed an instance crash caused by Ice Spear.
  • Fixed an instance crash that could occur after The Elder, The Elder Guardians or The Shaper were defeated.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the microtransaction shop to take too long to load.
  • Fixed a common client crash.

Totaly justifice 2.4 gig download. What else did you fix? :P

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