3.1.1d Patch Notes

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So, any word on fixing Cold Snap's trigger reaction with poet's pen and almost any of the trigger gems? There are so many fun ideas I have for them. ;-; GGG please fix this soon, it's been years and I really want it to be back to what it was, I've played since 2013. lol
2,1 GB for few bug fixes ?!?
Still no fix for ur server lag??????????????? =(
Chris wrote:
3.1.1d Patch Notes
  • Abysses have been disabled from appearing in the Apex of Sacrifice and the Alluring Abyss to prevent a common instance crash.

That one made me really mad 7h ago, after a huge lag spike on one abyss and an instance crash on another abyss (both on same Apex) I just lost my composure and went to sleep hoping for a hotfix later this day.
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Thank you for the patch. Any word on fixing the premium map tab crashing trying to change prices/setting it to public? I set it to public and now I cannot undo it, crash everytime I try to alter any part of public or price for maps in the tab.
That is good patch.
Ahhh neato!
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