[3.4] Ahn's Might Juggernaut - Uber Lab Farmer - League Starter - Shaper + End Game (Videos)


End Game Videos:
[3.3]Uber Elder (2 deaths): https://youtu.be/IueoNz7HCOo
[3.1]Shaper Deathless: https://youtu.be/6Lb7_pGVQQE
[3.1]All Shaper Guardians Deathless: https://youtu.be/0zEY5-H0Q7w

Budget Setup Videos:
[3.1]Uber Lab: https://youtu.be/ISYIMrca_Uo
[3.1]T11 Waterways: https://youtu.be/ftckaMm2BbA


*3.3/3.4 Update:* Nothing has really been nerfed or buffed with the build and I expect this will play exactly like it did in 3.2. This is still going to be the case in 3.4 as nothing has been changed yet again with the build.

*3.2 Update:* This build is viable in 3.2 and, if anything, got some nice buffs from the Juggernaut Ascendancy changes. Pending new uniques or any major passive tree changes the gearing and passive tree of the build will most likely be the same. The Juggernaut buffs gives us some nice boosts in damage, defense, and utility which should make the build a bit smoother to play overall.

[3.3]Path of Building (End game setup at 1.25 mil Shaper DPS):
[3.1]Path of Building (End game setup at over 1 mil Shaper DPS): https://pastebin.com/MBXTah49

This is a build that uses Ahn's Might as a cost effective means of doing damage. I started with this build in Abyss League and was able to complete the Uber Lab by day 3. As of now this build has been able to do any izaro modifiers in the Uber Lab as well as been able to carry people through uber lab as well on the budget setup. With some investment this build has been able to tackle the end game content including the guardians and Shaper. The best part is the build you use to farm this gear can be the same one that you use to map and take end game.

Here's what the build can provide:

-Easy to hit 5.5k hp on bad gear with 6k being easy to hit with a little investment
-Relatively fast movement with Whirling Blades/Leap Slam and clear speed for mapping
-Safe Uber Lab Farming with Endurance Charges and Fortify leading to about 50% total physical damage reduction
-The ability to stockpile currency to spend on another build (or this one)
-Can carry your friends and guildmates through Uber Lab
-This build works on a 4 Link but gets the most benefit from a 5 Link setup
-With investment this build can hit up to 1 mil shaper dps without the need of Abyssus



This build is a more balanced approach to uber lab farming that allows us to have a character that can map effectively. We utilize fortify and endurance charges over typical flat armour scaling to get our defenses for Izaro. The Juggernaut ascendancy gives us bonuses bonuses to endurance charges and also has the option of giving us bonuses to fortify as well. This means that we won't be able to face roll through traps but we still have plenty of defense for izaro without sacrificing too hard on the damage side of the build.

The strengths of Ahn's Might with the Juggernaut ascendancy means that we're able to get around the low attack speed base by allowing us to scale accuracy to help with attack speed (which Ahn's might provides). Ahn's Might also provides area to help out with Cleave's typically bad area of effect to help with mapping and speed clearing. Lastly we get around the low crit base of Ahn's Might by using all of the bonuses to crit for dual wielding in the Marauder and Duelist sides of the skill tree and later the sword nodes in the Ranger section. Lastly the high flat physical damage the swords provide means that our best means of scaling damage is through % bonuses to damage and crit multi as well as using sources of extra physical damage as elements.

The build uses cleave as our main skill. This is due to Cleave using both hands on attacks (as opposed to other abilities that alternate between main hand and offhand) and having a high base for damage. Cleave also gives us fortify on hit with the threshold jewel as well as aoe to help with clearing.



This build uses two Ahn's Might for damage. With two Ahn's Mights and a pacifism Jewel our max frenzy charges will be at zero giving us both benefits of the 100% crit multi and the extra 800-1000 accuracy from both weapons. Because we gain accuracy from Undeniable on the Juggernaut ascendancy tree this gives us a good attack speed boost as well as assuring our accuracy is as close to max as possible

This sword can take you to end game and the dps is still good for end game content.

Body Armour:


A rare chest with life and resistances is all that you'll need for this build. Astral Plate will be the best base as it gives armour as well as the all resistances implicit which alone can give 36% to your resistances.

If you plan on using this character exclusively as an Uber Lab farmer you might want to consider working The Brass Dome into your build as the amount of armour that chest gives combined with unbreakable will trivialize traps and the Izaro fight.

You could also use any unique chest of your choosing as well. One option for this build would be an Elder based chest (ideally astral plate) as most of the Elder mods work well with the build.

I do think the best in slot body armour for this build will have to be loreweave. A properly rolled loreweave will push your max resistances up to 80%, which is essentially a 20% reducer to all elemental damage taken. Along with the resistance almost every stat is useful on loreweave for this build. In terms of shopping for a roll you should only use an 80% roll on loreweave. All other roles are secondary to that one.



Starkonjas is overall the most effective item for this build. It gives us some good attack speed, crit, dexterity, and a good amount of life as well. These are relatively cheap as well. For Lab the damage or attack speed enchants with cleave will be best but any enchant that helps with cleave or any ability you're using (ie increased damage with herald of ash) will work too.

Abyssus is also an option for the build if you absolutely want DPS but the downside of the extra physical damage is enough to still with Starkonjas.



Maligaro's will most likely be your best cheap option for damage gloves especially at the start of the league. Alternatively rare gloves with life, res, phys dmg and if possible attack speed will also be a very solid option for the build.

Eventually you will want to upgrade your gloves to Oskarms as they are best in slot for the build. The reason being is these gloves give a large amount of crit chance as well as giving assassin's mark on hit for free. The biggest benefit of assassin's mark on hit for the build is the increased chance for the cursed target to receive a critical strike (ie if you have a 60% crit chance normally and you curse the target you would have a 68% crit) as well as adds a 20% multiplier to damage dealt by crits. The gloves are the best source to get assassin's mark on hit but they are expensive so this should be something you upgrade to after getting some decent gear elsewhere.



Belt of the Deceiver is a cheap damage option for the build. The reason being is that this belt gives us intimidate which is a 10% more multiplier to ALL damage we deal to the target. This combined with the global physical damage means that few other belt are really comparable in terms of damage. The reduced damage from critical strikes is a nice defensive option as well along with some all res and life. I would recommend shopping for one that is corrupted with either % max life or % to all elemental resistances.

Perseverance is also an option for the build as you'll always have fortify up when attacking. Compared to Belt of the Deceiver the onslaught doesn't make up for the damage from Intimidate and Belt of the Deceiver will offer better damage and arguably better defense with the reduced damage from critical strikes. However I'd still recommend using Belt of the Deceiver.

Alternatively an abyss belt with resistances and life combined with a good abyss socketed jewel can work as well.



Nothing special here. Get boots with life and res. Move speed isn't the most important here as you'll be using movement skills most of the time anyways.

If you have good enough gear to cover your resistances Kaom's Roots probably the best option for the build. These boots give a ton of life, immunity to freeze/temp chains, and unwavering stance is useful for the build plus we don't really need the extra sockets on boots for the build. Enchants can work for the boots but I would recommend getting a % life, % attack speed, or a +1 endurance corruption on kaom's roots.



You'll want much of your elemental resistances to come from your rings with good life rolls also being important. Other stats you'll want to look for are flat physical damage, accuracy and, as a luxury, chaos res.

In terms of bases two stone and ruby/sapphire/topaz will be your best bases and should be the only base you should shop for. I'll emphasize again most of your resistances are going to come from rings.



You'll be getting most of your stats for int and dext from your amulet to meet gearing requirements. Good life rolls and flat physical damage and/or crit multi are also important for adding damage to the build.

If you got the money getting an Elder/Shaper amulet that has phys damage as extra damage is good to pick up for the build.



For this build you'll want two instant life flasks that have bleed and freeze immunity. Atziri's promise is an effective flask for this build due to the extra chaos damage and the chaos res the flask gives. Diamond flask is important for keeping our crit up and the last flask is an optional utility choice. I like using an onslaught flask but Lion's Roar or any other utility flask can work too.



This build uses 2 unique jewels. Overwhelming odds helps with the skills aoe issues and gives us free fortify on hit. Pacifism is important to keeping our frenzy charges at zero so we get the full benefits from ahn's might.

For the extra slots in your tree try to get jewels with life as well as bonuses to physical damage, area damage, crit multi, and attack speed.

Watcher's eye is also something to keep a lookout for. Critical strike chance with Hatred will be the best choice for the build but will be expensive. Purity of elements mods tend to be cheap and there's a few that are useful for the build. Chaos resistance and taking physical damage as X% elements are useful mods for the build. Watcher's eye is a luxury and is by no means something you need for this build to function.


Full Gear Setup:

Starter Setup:


End Game Setup (3.3)


End Game Setup (3.1):




Main 5L/6L setup: Cleave - Melee Physical Damage - Multi-Strike - Increased Aoe (Conc Effect for bosses) - Increased Critical Strikes - Ruthless or Maim or Increased Critical Damage

Your main damage setup. If you have enough crit to drop Increased Critical Strike (usually accomplished with a hatred watcher's eye) then you will want to swap increased critical strikes with maim. You'll still want minimally 50% crit chance w/o a diamond flask.

4 Link Totem setup: Ancestral Warchief - Melee Physical Damage - Maim - Conc Effect

This helps with single target dps and inflicts the totem's target with maim which increases damage taken.

4 Link Vengeance Setup (optional): Vengeance - Increased Critical Strike - Power Charge on Critical - Culling Strike (or any on hit effect of your choosing)

Optional setup. This allows us to sustain power charges against bosses. Culling strike is nice but you could replace this with on hit effects like endurance charge on melee stun, maim, or anything to your liking.

3 Link Enduring Cry setup: Enduring Cry - Blood magic - Increased duration

Helps with suitability and the best way to gain endurance charges before getting hit.

3 Link Movement Skill setup: Whirling Blades or Leaping Slam - Faster Attacks - Blood magic

Our Main Movement Skill.

Auras: Hatred - Herald of Ash - Summon Ice Golem

The main auras + golem for our build. For the last gem slot I use Vaal Lightning Trap but Vaal haste or whatever single gem skill you need can work too.

Alternate Aura Setup: Hatred - Herald of Ash - Arctic Armour - Enlighten 3

This is an end game setup that I didn't put into the budget guide due to it requiring a level 3 enlighten which doesn't fit into the budget setup. Arctic Armour gives useful physical defense and fire reduction considering you have to stand still to attack. You would move Summon Ice Golem over to your Enduring Cry setup replacing Increased duration

Alternate Aura Setup for Loreweave: Hatred - Herald of Ash - Purity of Elements - Enlighten 4

This is an alternative end game set up that will require an item corrupted with +1 to socketed gems and a enlighten level 4 to run. This is best paired with a loreweave to help with resistances as well as a watcher's eye that gives bonuses to purity of elements, namely one that gives chaos resistance while using Purity of Elements. This is an expensive setup and if Enlighten 4 + a +1 socketed gem item is out of price range you can simply drop herald of ash and still be fine.

Passive Tree and Ascendancy:

Passive Tree for Leveling and Starter setup:


34 points:

For the first points you'll want to get resolute technique and get over to the duelist side of the tree. We'll eventually spec out of resolute technique but it's good to have until you get bonuses to crit.

72 points:

You'll want to get endurance charges as well as leech and your jewel slot for Overwhelming Odds and Pacifism. We go with one up on Templar side for extra int.

93 points:

We drop resolute technique and pick up some crit nodes and the sword nodes in the marauder side. If you need more life get those first instead of damage.

Final Tree at level 90:

Passive Tree for End Game:

The difference between this tree and the budget tree is we drop 2 endurance chargers and a bit of life to get a big boost to damage from the Ranger side of the tree. Brutal Blade and Fatal Blade are giant boosts to damage and Herbalism gives us some nice bonuses to flask recovery. Besides that feel free to change out which nodes you get based on your preferences

Ascendancy (Updated for 3.2 ascendancy changes): Juggeranut
-For Normal Lab Take Unflinching for endurance charge generation
-For Cruel Lab Take Undeniable for the Accuracy and Damage increases
-For Merciless Lab take Unbreakable for the Defensive bonuses
-For Uber Lab Take Unrelenting or any of the other 2 options depending on how you build.

-If you don't plan on using Kaom's Roots I would recommend swapping out Unbreakable for Unstoppable.

-Feel free to tweak the ascendancy options to how you like to play but I would consider Unflinching and Undeniable mandatory for the build to work.

Pantheon: Brine King by default unless you have a source of stun immunity in which case you could go with Solaris. For minor ability I take Ryslatha for running uber lab otherwise Tukohama and Yugil are good as well.

Bandits: Alira is probably the best choice here. The resistances helps with gearing and the bonus to crit multi will be your best damage option as well out of the 3 bandits (as well as the 2 point option). You can alternatively take Oak here for some phys defense or go for the 2 skill points.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can this build use Abyssus?

A: Yes the build can use Abyssus and is a option if you are in a big need for damage. Overall though I find the build can hit a good dps number without the need of Abyssus and the options of Starkonja's will be better. If your dps is good enough already Abyssus won't be adding too much damage or at least enough damage to compensate for the extra phys dmg taken and the lack of hp from starjonkas.

Q: Can this build use Brass Dome?

A: Yes.

Q: How do you color your Starkonja's to 4 off colors?

A: Vorici Bench Method. It's a little lengthy to explain how it works in text but this video gives you an idea of how it works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kXPc8IomRI

Q: What is Pacifism used for in the build?

A: It allows us to get to 0 total frenzy charges giving us both the benefit of accuracy and crit multi from Ahn's Might as our max frenzy charges is the same as being at zero charges.

Q: Why does this build use Cleave and can you use other skills with it?

A: We use cleave because it has high base damage with dual wielding, has a decent aoe, and gives us fortify on attack with the threshold jewel. Other skills can be used for the build especially if you were planning on using this build for different parts of the game. Reave has less damage overall but has a much larger AoE that can be used for mapping. Dual Strike has comparable damage to Cleave but lacks the AoE but you would be able to swap between Reave and Dual Strike as they are both green skill gems. You would also need to find another source of fortify if you weren't planning on using cleave.

Q: Does Tectonic Slam work with this build?

Yes and no. The damage from Tectonic Slam with this build won't compare to the damage from Cleave but it can be a good skill for mapping and clearing when you have enough damage. Otherwise if you were planning on going for a purely Tectonic Slam build I would recommend looking elsewhere.

Q: What would be the best swords for leveling until you can get Ahn's Might?

You should be fine with rare or unique swords until you get up to level 60. Scaeva good for the levels until you can start using Ahn's Might and, for the start of the league, can carry you until Ahn's Mights start showing up more on the market.

Q: Can this build use X Rare or X Unique?

Generally speaking the only real requirements on this build are Ahn's Might (even then there's alternatives like Scaeva or simply using rare swords until you can afford two), Pacifism (once you have two ahn's mights), and Overwhelming Odds. Beyond that this build can easily work on nothing but rare gear. The other unique items suggested for the build are typically all around great options or best in slot options for maximizing the build and are by no means absolutely mandatory for this build to work. If you find that there's a rare item or unique item that you want to use I would suggest trying it out and seeing how it works.

If you have any other questions on this build please leave a comment in the thread. Do not try to PM me as you'll probably get a faster and better answer in this thread instead. Thank you.

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Can you please post a game play video.

Thank you.
I've been thinking of making this build for a while as well, ever since I saw the new gloves. What would you recommend to help scale it higher in the endgame? It has great potential to be tanky, but ahn's might just not cut it later game despite how much i like the new ones.

I was thinking of using molten strike however, considering it is in such a huge place atm, though it does lose out on that perma fortify. Fortunately, using swords, we have the benefit of whirling blades fortify, which could be a nice substitute. Considering molten strike being used, this also opens up the opportunity to use obscurantis as each molten ball counts as a projectile, which is the main damage of the skill. This could potentially be a huge damage boost, but path of building isn't so good at calculating molten strike and its projectiles...

What do you think of the variation and its uses? Also, to parrot another poster, would a video be possible? :)
Considered something like this as well.

But in every tree I come up with, I "want too much".

Accuracy nodes
Crit nodes
Normal damage and attack speed

I quickly get to 125+ points with what feels like a lvl 90 tree. ;)

That's the stuff I would want:

3.5 build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2299519
Quatermaster wrote:
I've been thinking of making this build for a while as well, ever since I saw the new gloves. What would you recommend to help scale it higher in the endgame? It has great potential to be tanky, but ahn's might just not cut it later game despite how much i like the new ones.

If you use some decent items and also take the ranger crit and crit sword stuff, you can scale Cleave to ~1 million shaper DpS, even with two Ahn's Might swords.

(oops, unchecked Pacifism)

Conc effect and damage on full life in 6L
Hatred, Herald of Ash
Vulnerability curse
blood rage
warchief buff
Vaal Haste
Helmet, rings and amulet with good accuracy
Steel rings with flat phys
Pretty expensive amulet (this would be the most expensive part of the build)
Two solid jewels
Lion's roar, Atziri Flask, Diamond flask, silver flask
(taste of hate would also be nice)
3.5 build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2299519
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*Updated* I've added a video of an uber lab run into the op. I'll also add a video of a T11 Waterways I took so you can also get the idea of mapping with the budget gear setup.

For taking Ahn's Might to endgame the biggest hurdle will probably be the low crit base on Ahn's Might. Peterlerock makes some good suggestions on how to boost the overall damage of the build and to add with what he's stated I think the biggest boosts to our damage will be using an Abyssus and getting an Elder crafted Body Armour with the global increase in critical strike. The build should have enough defenses to offset the downside of abyssus and with proper gearing should easily be able to clear 6.5k hp if need be. With enough crit we could be able to swap out Increased Critical Strike for Increased Critical damage which would give us a huge boost of multi combined with Abyssus and the 100% from 2x Ahn's Might.

Molten Strike can also work well especially since you can swap it in with cleave for bosses. Fortify is a big part of our defenses on the build but you could run that with whirling blades to make up for the lack of it on cleave.

Overall considering this build doesn't use too many uniques decently crafted elder/shaper rares could give us huge boosts to damage with even the possibility of using Horror Essence Gloves for our main attack skill.
Thx for guide. I just started lvling this build and i have a question. You get some nodes increase % of fortify and i didnt see fortify skill. How can i use fortify?
Thx for guide. I just started lvling this build and i have a question. You get some nodes increase % of fortify and i didnt see fortify skill. How can i use fortify?

Overwhelming odds, a treshold jewel, gives you permanent fortify while you attack with Cleave.


Also started leveling.
Pretty smooth progression, finally got to equip my two ahn's now. :)

Not sure about the ascendancy points.
"+1 EC" and the "ACC = AS" is set.
But the remaining two... Immune to freeze/slow/etc is pretty strong, but you skipped it for the fortify effect?
3.5 build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2299519
Glad to hear the leveling is working out.

As for ascendancy the only ones I would consider required are Unflinching, Unrelenting and Undeniable. Unflinching and Undeniable are obvious with the build but I'd consider Unrelenting to be mandatory due to the 42% increased damage at max charges (49% with a +1 end belt) and the 8% reduced elemental damage taken (which is effectively ~2% to max res) which helps us immensely with mitigating elemental damage. The 25% to gain max endurance charges is icing on the cake as this build needs to get up to max charges asap and against bosses you can't rely on getting hit to get up to max charges.

I went with Unyielding as the last one for some damage increase as we'll always have fortify up when attacking as well as the increase to fortify which makes it overall a 25% reduction in damage instead of 20%. The regen is icing on the cake and, even though the 1.5% regen isn't too noticeable, is a nice quality of life with leech to help sustain our health.

Otherwise you could go with any of the other choices for the final ascendancy. I find that move speed doesn't really affect this build too much as you'll be using whirling blades to move around anyways but this is all based on preference.
Overwhelming odds, a treshold jewel, gives you permanent fortify while you attack with Cleave.

Thx for help.

What about generating endurance charges? Only with Endurance cry?(its annoying to use every 7 sec)

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