3.1.0d Patch Notes

Mfw reading title for last two patch releases... :)

Mfw when ctrl+f spectre... :(
Are you kidding me? Another fix for Scorching Ray? I just crashed with it yesterday again and again and now another fix comes out RIGHT AFTER the MTX sale is over. Thanks GGG!

Edit: It's most likely still crashing anyway. Not even bothering anymore.
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Completed 3 Challengessharkh20 wrote:
There have been a lot of reports about a 64bit crash that happens when changing zones or bringing up the load screen in any way but only while in a party. In a group of 6, we had pretty at least one person dropping every zone. If you pm me, I'll supply whatever info I can.

Unfortunately, it happens in solo too :(
I guess that playing in a party just increases the chances of crash when changing zones.
Thank you so much for letting us edit the texture quality again!
PoE has been struggling/crashing/unexpected disconnecting a lot since 3.0.
Hopefully this helps things!
:( no fix for spell echo + solar guard
wolfstarrk wrote:
stop adding more graphics to the game that makes me impossible to play it by the lagg :(

Shut your mouth. This is a great amazing change.
Completed 2 Challengeslyndoff wrote:
Please fix Solar Guard interaction with Spell Echo please ;_;

wolfstarrk wrote:
stop adding more graphics to the game that makes me impossible to play it by the lagg :(

A few more pixels added to the game is not the cause of your gameplay issues. It is either 1. Your computer is outdated and/or full of junk causing it to not perform well or 2. Your internet connection is bad.

No, its not. I played several games with my computer: NBA's, FIFAs, diablo3, grim dawn, GTAV, WoW, Blattlefront II...

I have a Intel Core i7-3820 3.60Ghz Box, Asus Rampage IV Extreme and Nvidia 970 GTX, 16gb RAM, running in a SSD drive, reliable internet connection... I know isn't a top computer but i think its more than enough to run a aRPG.
I test running fresh installed in a formated PC, win7, with no other software running or innecesary services...

Since legacy i start to note performance issues, like a lot. I test all the DirectX, graphic options like vsync, qualities, etc... No success, performance drops in spikes, and its no internet connection, i watch perfect quality movies in stream, speed torrent downloads, etc..

In breaches, wanter environment, abyss cracks, etc its near unplayable.. i have to check the "dynamic resolution" to make it (and it sucks badly to see all pixelated and blurred)

Thank you ;) Keep it up !
My Spectres are still Sad ......pls make them Happy ASAP PLEASE....

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