3.1.0d Patch Notes

[quote]SPELL ECHO - SOLAR GUARD BUG [/quote]
My Solar Guards Spell Echo still isn't working. Killing my Abyss league and motivation to spend money.
Pls fix a bug that new monster "Reliquarian" can't desecrate.
holy jesus fix the spell echo spectre bug...

if I offer to buy the spectre mtx will you fix the bug?

my goodness this is getting stupid
Spectres please my 6L Vis Mortis is crying ill buy more boxes guys dont worry
Qarl wrote:
3.1.0d Patch Notes
You can edit texture quality settings in your configuration file once again.

My graphics card thanks you. Now let us turn off shadows and we'll all be happy.

Edit: Looks like you still can't set it to values lower than Medium. Back to DX9 I go.
Last edited by Hemmingfish on Dec 12, 2017, 12:38:13 AM
Scorching Ray is still crash for me, I was playing up until Chamber of Sins (Act 2) and crashed for like 4 times, after update still crash, anyone with similar problem/can help me please?
FIX fucking solar guards spell ECHO bling GGGays
Still no fix for the sound issue? You do realize that it's currently impossible to play with SGs without the constant paranoia that a mirror might've dropped off-screen and you wouldn't hear it?

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