Ok, so i'm level 66 at the moment and farming the docks. Yet struggle immensly against voidbearers, at %80 Fire resist + 2500hp + 5800 armour + 200+ life regen and still i get ripped to pieces by those mobs. Tell me that isn't OP?? Or do they deal a different kind of damage? I can understand if it's chaos damage...
They are tough buggers and you are right probably OP.

I just run away.
once they start breathing fire, move out of it, the voidbears will remain stationary for some time.

As far as melee vs them, mys well just reroll.....
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Let me guess: you are melee? I also struggle a lot in Docks, bud. After dying a few times, even with fire res pots, I decided to go back to Fellshrine ruins.
I have lost 2 level 50s at cruel docks... just stay away from those lmp dogs and don't try to melee them.
So, it seems im not alone in believing these are OP. I'm not a person who usually say's "Nerf Nerf Nerf" but if they are OP for specific classes. I suppose SOLO isn't the best way to go.
I believe they should do double damage.
They're worst when they're blue/yellow with the multiple projectiles stat, god damn.

Also doesnt't help that my acrobatics and phase acrobatics don't count for much since the flames is not 1 attack, but like 20 separate attacks per second
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there are dangerous, especially when accompanied by a rare voidbaerer with faster movement or faster attacks. they are challenging, not op.
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Why I love them?
Coz I am a summoner and I put LMP and IIR in them.

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