3.1.0b Patch Notes

Can't play with medium texture quality :(
Completed 31 Challengesmoondk wrote:
Fixed a bug where Abyss monsters could spawn too early.

Well still happens. Specially if you got 2 abyss close to each other. I was running in Imperial Gardens, trying to find the waypoint, and suddenly a huge abyss spawn, 3 rares but no abyss icons on the map near by, but i killed all of them, ran around a bit and found 2 abyss's close to each other, like 1 screen apart, triggered the first, got to the first small hole, killed all, and then nothing, ran up to the big hole, nothing, triggered the other, ran with the line, killed the mobs, and then again nothing.

Same for me, still happens exacly as u said. :(
I have run into several abyss' (not 2 close together) where the final pool spawns before finding the start point. No loot chests RIP!

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