3.1.0b Patch Notes

when entering an area i'm getting an error ' failed to uncompress textures'.
can't really play the game :(
anyone know what the problem is?
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I have a bug where different kinds of rivers and water textures as well as abbys cracks are above my character. So every time I go close to those its like I'm diving undr it
I'd forgotten about how the small updates like this take forever to install. Any way to up the QoL of Steam users?
Dudes need their beauty sleep too
Fixed a bug where Abyss monsters could spawn too early.

Well still happens. Specially if you got 2 abyss close to each other. I was running in Imperial Gardens, trying to find the waypoint, and suddenly a huge abyss spawn, 3 rares but no abyss icons on the map near by, but i killed all of them, ran around a bit and found 2 abyss's close to each other, like 1 screen apart, triggered the first, got to the first small hole, killed all, and then nothing, ran up to the big hole, nothing, triggered the other, ran with the line, killed the mobs, and then again nothing.
The corpses from Desecrate no de-spawn if you remove the gem, e.g. with a weapon switch.
Is this intended behavior? I Do not see anything specific in the last few patch notes about this.
Well, the Abyss monster spawning too early fix didn't work. If anything, it got worse
Completed 7 Challengesfelixselwyn wrote:
Well, the Abyss monster spawning too early fix didn't work. If anything, it got worse

This pretty much. I thought I was screwing up on getting abysses and probably am a bit. On a fresh one, I somehow triggered the abyss monsters without activating the abyss fissure. THen when I followed the path and got to the same location, nothing happened.
Can confirm early Abyss spawn was still an issue for me after 3.1.0B patch. Had it happen three times within a 30 minute span. Submitted bug reports for two of them.
Completed 5 Challengesblazerkane wrote:
the monsters suddenly spawned out of nowhere and when i killed them and walked a fair distance away, the abyss chasm came to sight but no monsters popped up.. they were just empty cracking chasms with nothing coming out of them..
Same here.

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