3.1.0b Patch Notes

TheWoodsy wrote:
Fixed a bug where clarity didn't show up as a buff?

Auras you cast no longer show as buffs as you can read in the 3.1 patch notes

You can turn the icons back on in the options tab if you want them ;)
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Does Orb of Storms also not supposed to work with the new cascade support? I tried it hoping it would, but....it didn't :(
you cant go below medium texture quality anymore?
the default loot filter is the same as no loot filter. (before and after patch)
Still crashing with trap + cremation (using Deerstalker)
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Please fix lightning tendrils locking rotation when you mouse over a monster
Fixed a bug where Abyss monsters could spawn too early.

Qarl wrote:
3.1.0b Patch Notes
  • Abyss Jewels now allocate based on the loot allocation option selected.
  • Fixed a bug preventing players from completing the Dominus boss fight if they were using Volatile Dead.
  • Fixed a bug where Abyss monsters could spawn too early.
  • Fixed a bug causing guild stashes to not be visible in hideouts.
  • Fixed a bug where items could get unintended combinations of mods, causing "Supported by Level 38 Increased Critical Strikes" to be able to appear on items. This was a display issue only. Existing items will remain as is.
  • Fixed a bug where a mod for certain Shaper items did not display itself correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where some items were not being filtered correctly when using the default loot filter.
  • Fixed various crashes with Cremation, Desecrate and Unearth.

I'm sorry to say that the bug where abyss monsters could spawn too early still happened to me even after this 3.1.0b patch.. maybe it still isn't 100% fixed? the monsters suddenly spawned out of nowhere and when i killed them and walked a fair distance away, the abyss chasm came to sight but no monsters popped up.. they were just empty cracking chasms with nothing coming out of them.. It's fairly normal for new AWESOME content to have bugs and i'm sure GGG will fix this in no time! abyss is awesome!!!
Not sure why I had to download the full 5+GB of the patch again just for this patch.
Hey all, i can not log in always getting a error by checking ressources any helps?

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