Whitelisting of the Trade API

This is why GGG is the best company.

I think they are a lot more tuned into the game than any other company, and way more than ppl on streams and meme podcasts give them credit.

Like, no1 was realy rioting about this, and yet, they flipped the bird to the item flippers big time and they wont have time to do anything against it as it was anounced in the last 24 hours.

Its awesome.
Stuff like this compells me to buy microtransaction stuff from them
Good decision!
Fresh Fish Filter: Easily create your own custom Filter!

Great, good job!
Fucking perfect
Me in 3.3: Lapidary lens is the worst challenge I have seen in six years and a half of POE.

3.4: hold my beer.
nice change but doesnt help with some sites not being updated for minutes at a time
So if I'm not big or popular enough, my app gets the bottom end of the pole?

Talk about playing favorites.

You know, you could just go ahead and fix trade so this isn't a problem... but maybe I'm a hopeless dreamer living in the year 2017.
Great change! Thanks!

Why not let us set filters, instead?
this is a buff
Ofc depends which site will be whitelisted public sites if you allow any sniping tools to be whitelisted ppl will just switch from X to Y and nothing really change.

Poe trade and GGG trade is more than enough to be whitelisted.
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