Whitelisting of the Trade API

Completed 16 ChallengesSlaserX wrote:
So if I'm not big or popular enough, my app gets the bottom end of the pole?

Talk about playing favorites.

You know, you could just go ahead and fix trade so this isn't a problem... but maybe I'm a hopeless dreamer living in the year 2017.

Dude did you even read it before you posted? It means if you use poe.trade, the offical POE trade site, or any site the everyone uses you get the data the same as everyone.. the only thing this effects is people using snipers to get the data way before any trade site to get first dibs.. making it fair for everyone.. but IF you are using a trade sniper then yes you will be getting your data last.. as well it should be. If you are making a trade site for everyone you still have access to the data to develop it and if it is good enough you can email them and get the undelayed API.. once you have established yourself as a trusted developer making to tool for everyone to use ofcourse.
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Good way to handle it, thanks for listening.
it's about time. Well done.
Smart and nice you actually did it like the Investors Exchange (IEX).
I'm not joking.
This is one of the biggest step forward you ever made at GGG.
And i thank you for that.

Off till next league - Trading killed me again
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Finally! I love u guys S2
Baby steps.
good change, but i expect this will upset a lot of people. probably just cut off the major the source of income for these "snipers".

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