Path of Exile 3.1.0: War for the Atlas Patch Notes

Exoddus93 wrote:
This just makes me realize tho how unfair the economy in standard is, i mean, come on, let's just say you got a Legacy Acuity, and you sell it for a mirror, which is like 200 exalts... Like, STD is pretty much another game at this point, i always loved STD, but this just pushed me over the edge, because, let say you're an average player who knows what he's doing, you do your research, get yourself like a top farmer build, or a fast Uber Lab farmer, or you flip or whatever, even doing the best of the best, i will say if you can farm like 10Ex a week consistenly, that's like, a very good player, a very good farmer, BUT EVEN THEN, just for the sake of argument let say he's even better and he get's like 50Ex a month, which i think is like waao, very advanced player, very reasonable ammount...
¿Are you mean to tell me that it is fair for someone to just do 1 fucking trade and get equal currency to that of a guy farming everyday for hours for 4 months?
I really disagree with STD economy at this point.
Even if you tell me like oohh noob git guud i make 100Ex a month, IS STILL 2 FUCKING MONTHS OF FARM DUDE, compared to 1 trade, is just too much of a gap... is just completely ridiculous at this point... ¿Why even bother?
I been playing in STD (not consistenly) since 2013, never touched a league, but after this...
I will either only play leagues or leave the game entirely, and i'm moving more towards the latter.....

Actually surprised why it took you so long to understand this.
Standard has 2 good purposes:
1/ accumulate everything you got while playing leagues which means you will have your 200ex soon enough
2/ try out anything you get in mind before a new league, as you got either enough currency to craft and buy your gear and also enough high level characters with resetted trees
That's it, there are no more real uses for standard, it is boring compared to any league/event running at the same time, it's only for gaps like these couple days now
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I love how much everyone cries about acuity's. like its a big deal or something. boo hoo you dont own a legacy pair that resides on Standard. do you own a Legacy Kaoms? Legacy Facebreakers? Legacy Reach Of Council? Legacy Bringer Of Rain? you probably dont. yet you cry that you dont own a silly pair of gloves. that is absolutly unnecessary to do anything in the game. there are many builds that shine with out the acuitys.
and guess what? play the game enough and you can afford them eventually anyways. so dont waste all your tears over something so small. now if GGG said look guys. we are in financial burden and cannot afford to keep POE running and this is the last 3 month league before we shut the doors for good. than you can start crying. but for now growup and enjoy the game that we have been gifted FOR FREE! as there is nothing near its greatness on this planet.
and support the god damn game that grows substantially every 3 months. stop complaining that ooo we got 48 new uniques? lemme guess 47 alc shards. you ignorant pricks. you want a good unique than you should have become a MAN and supported the game and created your own.

Thank you so much for this expansion. It looks great.
Has Atziri/Uber Atziri's reflect been changed?
I paid fortune for Perandus manor completaion on atlas :-/ WTF GGG?
yay no in game trade system

but decrease item drops on items will be great for more currancy made to botters.

no added levels to high end maps.

not really anything different to do in end game.

new maps but are only reskined ones and probably will only be the new unique one.

finally did something to leech but left energy shield low which vaal pact was reason for nerf.

nerf nerf nerf

more exp penalty after 95

whats so bad about getting a chr to 100. 10 more skill points?? nothing to really give an advantage cause players to give up playing chrs they like bc the grind is meaningless. no special gear or items that can only be equipped that late.

they took unique item rolls and added it onto yellow rolls which will make it more tedious to getting rolled items or crafting if your botting or got currency and can play all day.

this seems catered to botters or streamers or ppl who get to 100. nothing to great.

nerf this nerf that. we cant have u doing this or that. no lets get rid of all the cool harbenger stuff bc we cant have our players doing things that are fun.

this is getting more worse then blizzard, except suck money from players with microtransactions that are over priced or ones that are in shitty lootbox system.

Keep it up GGG.

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Looking forward to the new contend, but im kind of sad that DarkPact selfcast builds are no longer viable. The Vaal-Pact Nerf + DP Demage Nerf + Wither Nerf is a bit over the top. That basicly killed every DP build.
22h left in the countdown, release Déc-8 ? It's not based on NZ where it should be around 10am ?
Your minions (and their minions) will no longer deal or take damage while you are dead.

why would you ruin Golemmancers like this? It already takes a good chunk of currency to make it work so its not like everyone is running around killing bosses while they are dead.
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