3.0.3 Patch Notes

optimizations!? 30-40% increased performance! ty GGG!
lol I was leveling in turmoil with scorching ray. Never crashed
Thank you for fixing the scorching ray instance crash bug. Ripped a bunch of expensive maps/pale court etc to it. Very frustrating, but glad it's finally fixed!
Whose bright idea was it to release 1 gig patch in the middle of the race?

having speeds of 10kb/sec sucks big time. 1.33gb is 1,330,000 kb @10kb/sec = 133,000 seconds = 37 hours.

thank you ggg
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Ugh, I hope for a good league, although it's basically another loot pinata. Half of the gems, uniques, and item mods are already crap plus a shaper copy. This MTG mindset.
Thanks for doing a prepatch to alleviate some pressure on launch day, good thinking. EXCEPT the part about doing it during the 10-day.
After downloading I got a message says "cannot start the patched client -1", any idea?
always lagging stupid GGG blyat much
Fnarige wrote:
Scorching Ray now crashing my client more than ever. Please revert attempt at fix.

Same here. Almost unplayable now, crashes every 5-10 min of playtime.
Can provide hardware info if necessary.
Okay, maybe not 5-10 min every time, just got about an hour without the crash. But it's still quite frequent.

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