3.0.3 Patch Notes

Poor old man. Now they're taking away his shirt, too.
The greatest tragedy in life is wasted talent.!
And remember exiles, good loot it's a illusion.
So... you're telling me: new character models?
Please don't PM me ingame with filter/guide questions, post them on the forum, after reading the FAQ.
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Awesome!.... But... Oh no... How large is this patch? My internet is pretty bad :'( Maybe this extra stuff should be added to a patch between the two races instead of during?
I like how before a patch is launched you do testing, and bring up bugs that you promise to fix later. That's so surreal to me
Note that this patch introduces some visual problems with a few existing Templar armours. We are working on fixing this.

He can't be missing shoulders twice!
Yeah buddy!
.. well it's looking promising as fk! 08.12. .. here we go again ♥!
IGN: - IamMookz | elitemodeldotcom | 27.11.2013 CHN
So hype for 3.1.0 Thanks for the update!

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