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edredfs wrote:
I'm one of the players that have never seen shaper, guardians, etc.

And me as well...

edredfs wrote:
I see that situation is might be even worse that it would be with easy trading. Any player can ~easily buy an item on, but it's very hard to sell any item (only currency can be converted to another currency easily via I tried to sell an item once, but I couldn't - it didn't even listed. It seems I did something wrong.

That's definitely something you did wrong. Putting items up for trade is easy. Make your (premium) tab public and put items in them. That's all!

edredfs wrote:
So now we have the situation that everyone can buy, but only a FEW amount of players can sell (can=do). I guess these sellers are players that have content "quite easy for others", because they spend much time for gaming+selling. While most of other players don't play that much and don't sell.

And that's the whole point. Current trade favours the heavy players. They are online most of the time, are into mapping within a few days of release and therefore a) find a lot of good items and b) have time to sell items.

Easier trade would give others the option to sell the few reasonable items they find for a reasonable price. Thus more people will be able to see more end content.

No more money from me to GGG until they improve trade!
I think some kind of auctioning (as in communicating willingness to buy) support can solve many problems. It can be especially useful for newish players. Right now it is put item on sale and leave it to see if many ppl want to get it, up price, repeat. Also god help you if you put tabula 1c too cheap at the start of the league. Again, speaking purely of communicating without enforcement - auctioning without house.
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It's that time of the league where I must go beg maps from people on trade (some call it trading I call it begging because getting someone to respond is quite a challenge). The most frustrating, irritating part of this game.

If you don't want to do an auction house please enlarge the selection of maps one can buy from Zana.
This game already has an AH of sorts, and has had one for a long time.
The first one is PoE Goods, now you also have an official PoE Trade system.
It's got all the markings of an AH, without any of the upsides.

Namely speed and convenience.

@playername_ Hi, I would like to buy your x item listed for y currency in Delve (stash tab "~b/o 5 chaos"; position: left 1, top 2)

I can't tell you how many times I get this message while in lab.
While delving.
While in daily rota.
While in wild Zana map.

But it's even worse when you're trying to buy. Since people are doing the above mentioned activities, and you have to try a dozen sellers sometimes before someone finally responds.

So you're basically inconveniencing the players, for absolutely no good reason since we already have an AH. An AH that's horrible.

And don't even give me the
But we wanna keep the game social guys

90% of the time I buy/sell and leave party.
The other 10% it's
- "thx"
- "np gl"
Real fucking social.

Disparity between players would rise with an AH. But it's already huge between the 1% of whales, the guys playing with dedicated guilds and average players.

Any excuse anyone comes up with for not having an AH in this game feels hollow and false.

But hey, what the fuck am I saying, it's only been 5 years of the majority of the playerbase begging for a fucking AH.

I'm sure GGG will listen.

I honestly feel like the only reason you're refusing to add an AH to the game is because stash tab sales would go down, and people would just put up items on AH instead of stash tabs.

Release a fucking auction house stash tab. I'd buy it.
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Although the automation part is true for "items" (e.g. armours or weapons), it is total BS for currency or maps.

Also, the only reason you're hindering progress is to maximize profits because you're greedy fu**ers (like a lot of people?) and stopping progress by gating stuff under tons of boring mechanics (including terrible drop rates) ensures your true targeted audience (the ones paying, mostly people with gambling / compulsive buying personalities) get more "chances" (time...) to get "triggered" (buy).

So yeah keep on telling the masses about the BS, it's not cutting it with educated people.

(Finally, my post will be received very negatively by all those who paid a lot because like all F2P's, those people invested so much money and time that accepting the above will be psychologically painful to them. Indeed, you've been partially doing a lot of crap just so a company could milk your wallets like the good cash cows you are.)

Trading was always awful in this game but now its really 10/10. I dont even have an idea how to make it worse
Automatic trade system is highly required in some cases. Such as buying literally need pm around 10 people to finally get a reply.

Also, when im selling maps and i get a pm while im in a map party / rota or something i have no choice but to ignore it..

If the devs can't make it 100% automatic, Below Suggestion could help:

-If you're afk or offline your item won't be listed.

-If someone decides to buy your item, you get a msg in-game informing you about the sale and whether you simply accept or reject. No matter where you are map / delve etc with a simple "accept" your item is sold.

Why we can get trade invite or trade window while we anywhere (mapping or delve or lab)?
I think we should have such option to sent trade request anywhere with anyone.

I see it like we do rnow, but not be in same place or be in same positions. Something like options Sent invite, but add another options Sent trade where we type name and that one will see trade request ANYWHERE he is and can trade.

I see only problem in technical how realise it, but i think it must be possible, if we have such option sent trade window or yrade request to anyone anywhere it would fix most of problem.

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I understand the trading about items that we actually equip.
But what about other types?
Shouldn't those be easier to trade?
Currency, maps, fragments, essences, fossils and all that type of stuff?
Couple of weeks into the league and people start completly ignoring trade whispers for small trades, they don't feel like stop playing for a couple of chaos or soo is a good trade off.

Buying a somewhat large amount of a particular item takes an imense amount of time. Whispering 40 people to get 40 fossils is such a chore, or essences or anything really in large quantities. You know what I'm talking about, it's not fun at all.

There should be an instant way of trading for this types of items.
I'm pretty sure a lot of people lose interest in playing because of that, because instead of playing the game they have to spent hours in their browsers alt+tabing and whatnot. Maybe around 25% of playtime in any league is spent doing that type of stuff. Instead all that stuff just goes to standard and never gets used I bet because people can't be bother trading for it.

Also I never go into a deeper conversation with someone when trading those types of items, it's just a ty gl after and that's it.

Currency should be traded like a bank.
You could trade maps, like actually trade maps. Posting for example a tier 10 map and setting it to trade for x,y,z tier 10 map.

I trully think something must be done about this, it's probably the number one reason I get burnout from a league.

Your character is getting better and you want to play more but instead you have to spent more and more time trading for small stuff.

Another thing I sometimes feel is that some currency rates are just absurd! How in hell spaming 2000 fuses or 20k alts in an item could be considered fun? I feel like currency should be rarer and the effects more rewarding. People just get burnout from insane clicking most of the time for no effect.
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Krish25 wrote:
-If someone decides to buy your item, you get a msg in-game informing you about the sale and whether you simply accept or reject. No matter where you are map / delve etc with a simple "accept" your item is sold.

Yeah. Could live with that!
No more money from me to GGG until they improve trade!

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