Harbinger Content Integration

Add them into game pls! They was so much fun (but delay killed it)
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Asking just for sure:
Orbs removed on core game wont drop on Zana mod either?

Please tell us that these orbs will not once again ruin value of maps
Pity that so much of every league content is simply wasted [or castrated like Breach], and not added to the core.
Why not add shards? People who speedrun maps will ignore them anyway, and casuals will have some fun.

Why not add them as a Zana mod at least? With the possibility for Harbinger orbs/shards/items? In that case it will remain optional, and have some opportunity cost
People could choose:
* Breach [or Abyss, I suppose it will be added as Zana's also] for more monsters and loot
* Harbinger for Horizon/Harbinger orbs and uniques

More options is always better.

Harbinger had quite interesting and fresh ideas, but obviously it would need rebalanceing
* New kind of enemies, but you have to ensure that they are interesting not stupid OP as hell
* Finding fragments of OP/niche items is cool
* While it is true, that Horizon/Harbingers orbs could allow to ignore some Atlas restrictions, it could be balanced by drop chances [even tiny drop chance is better than none, more options right?]
* Also I find the flavour of this interesting [forum community had lot of fun with deciphering this alphabet]
* Beachhead. Maybe create it as Zana-mission only [same with Untainted Paradise]

BTW Maybe popularity of H-orbs is a symptom of some Atlas implementation flaws, not a problem itself? Maybe it is better to cure causes, not remove symptoms?
Anyway nowadays meta is shaped Vault, not completing full Atlas, so H-orbs wouldn't have so big impact globally

P.S. More people would buy Fragments tab, if shards would included in core.
Think about potential profits, GGG...
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