3.0.2 Hotfix

Dear GGG....

im thankfull ..we are thankfull and glad that you give us an german translation...

but.. sorry.. the whole thing needs an complete revision....

Unfortunately, the translation doenst make sense in many places. Game related items, (own names), would have to be the same in German translation as in English.

Do not get me wrong, thank you for the translation. It only requires a detailed revision.
Has anyone in GGG ever tried summoner build, tested it or at least leveled toon beyond merciless? I guess not, so let me share a secret with you - You literally can't use whatever spectress you find on map, because Tabula Rasa is playable only while leveling, period. In some point of the game we have to decide which mobs are we going to use, color our gear and have some fun with it. Now after patch it's all got ruined...

Please don't make us abbadon Necromancers :(
"Raise Spectre: Desecrate has a corpse spawn table based on the monsters found in the area. If areas without monsters, a specific table is used. Previously, !!the player's raised spectres influenced the spawn table while in maps.!!"
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This is what the community wants.

Nobody wants GGG to kill the desecrate-mechanic

I don't know why it should be so annoying to play spectre-builds? Two options:

First - forget the level restriction and give the spectre simply the level of the map

Second - if GGG thinks "first" is too easy to farm shaper ... keep the level restriction and bring back the desecrate-mechanic
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Cant help it but to post again regarding the new localizations.

Im not going to start complaining about how 3rd Party apps (that SHOULD be part of the game btw.)
such as the item info/trade macros etc. simply refuse to work when you change languages.
If anything its your fault that they arnt implemented into the actual game, while its obviously not your fault that random apps dont work with the game.

However, not even the game itself treats things the way you would expect.

Heres one simple scenario that even turns into a mess when just having to sum it up :

-Play with language set to english
-List "shrieking essence of contempt" for 1 chaos orb.
-Change language to something else
-Get a PM: "Hi wtb your shrieking essence of contempt listed for 1c in harbinger"
-Open essence tab
-Be unable to filter for shrieking/contempt and probably even essence
(do you really think calling essences the same but having a Z instead of S makes sense?)
-Find that previously set prices disappeared unless setting language back to english

-Now at this point, most people are going to take you for a flipper/idiot or something and
just leave

And if they dont...

-Restart the client
Dont Forget to copy the buyers IGN pls but not even this seemed to work all the time, let
alone when shutting down poe and cross language
-IF it did not work, try to find that buyer in your client log or probably just nvm at
this point and forget about the whole thing

Possible results:
-End up on yet another players ignore list
-Hopefully get the deal done SOMEHOW
-Headaches, regequits, smoking too many cigarettes, etc.

While it usually takes 2 clicks to invite, 3 to leave your map, few sec. to possibly Switch leagues, grab your item, send/accept a trade request,
the current system simply makes it nearly impossible to even trade in the 1st place without either growing a beard, or brain tumor.

I just switched back to english for the time being, and will only be able to hunt down any localization errors when im not in the mood to trade or communicate with others anyhow.

The idea (correct me if im wrong pls) or at least i thought so, was to actually bring the community together a bit more.
Give more people the chance to be an active part of the game.
Being able to sell more copys to a larger target audience of course which obviously isnt exactly the 1st thing players will be concerned about, but always a relevant aspect if you have to run a company.

But all it does at this point, is making things incdedibly hard and uncomfortable, even or especially when your actually trying different things and want to give some input for further improvements.

Really hope someone will look at the whole picture for once and get a bit of consistency into the mess.
It feels like stitched together out of chunks that several people did their own way and in the end barely added up.

As mentioned in my previous post, i still think its the best update so far, but still needs a lot of
changes and improvements to shine.
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Bring Desecrate back. Now.
Wow I am german and there are major mistranslations.... are you still looking for corrections ?
Having MASSIVE stutter problems after patch. Almost unplayable.
Bring Desecrate back, please.
Please dont change dececrate on Xbox please !!!

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